Physiological tremor

This ailment can occur throughout the body and is an involuntary jitter or oscillation of a specific part of the body, triggered by synchronous or alternating muscle contractions.

Below are several varieties of this ailment.

Physiological tremor is a postural tremor that appears in the neck, hands, or other area of ​​the body, and, as a rule, is not felt by the subject.

Accented hand tremor arises against fatigue, anxiety, thyrotoxicosis, hypothermia, alcohol abstinence, hypoglycemia, arsenic poisoning, mercury salts, lead, carbon monoxide. It can also occur with the use of certain medications.

Essential tremor is a kinetic and postural vibrations. Most often there is a bilateral two-sided tremor of hands, although asymmetric trembling also occurs. This pathology is hereditary. Together with the upper limbs, the lower limbs, the head, the trunk, the lips, the vocal cords are often involved. In 25% of cases, a writing disorder (writing spasm) can join the tremor, a slight increase in the tone of the muscles of the hands, an easy degree of torticollis.

Parkinsonian tremor is a trembling in the state of rest, which decreases with motion, and when it is not used, walking and distraction increase. This symptom is predominantly characteristic of Parkinson’s disease, and can be observed in other ailments, for example, multisystem atrophy. More often a symptom arises in the hands, less often involve lower limbs, lips, chin, head.

Cerebellar tremor is predominantly intentional tremor, but with some ailments, for example, with multiple sclerosis, there is also a slow postural tremor involving the proximal parts of the limbs and the trunk, rarely the head.

The trembral tremor (Holmes tremor) is a combination of kinetic and postural tremor with a tremor of rest. This type of tremor is more common when the midbrain is affected.

Dystonic tremor most often occurs in patients with focal or generalized dystonia. It is a focal, asymmetrical jitter. Often appears against the background of muscle spasms (dystonic pose) and can increase with the resistance of the individual tonic hyperkinesis, under the action of corrective gestures – decreases.

Neuropathic hand tremor is a postural-kinetic oscillation, often associated with polyneuropathies, chronic demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy.

Tremor is a pathology that affects a large number of people.

Tremor of fingers and hands is more characteristic of elderly age. However, this phenomenon can be observed in young healthy people. In young people, most often a tremor of the hands during excitement or due to physical fatigue.

How to get rid of tremors of the hands? In the first turn, it is necessary to find out the causes of hand tremor. There are several causes that cause trembling of the upper limbs. So, for example, often the increased nervous excitability is the factor causing tremor of the upper extremities. An unnaturally emotional individual who can not cope with his own anger and irritability, most often feels an unpleasant “shaking” of the hands. Trembling of the upper limbs usually occurs immediately after the “splash” of emotions and disappears immediately after the individual can restore calm.

The tremor of the hands of the cause, the treatment of this syndrome, causing people quite palpable discomfort, can be difficult and be stretched in time. Often, hands that are shaking are difficult to perform certain actions, for example, manipulation of small objects, such as lowering a token in the metro turnstile, threading a needle in the eyelet.

The trembling of the upper limbs can be provoked by a number of other psychological problems, namely, excitement before a significant event, emotional stress, fear, depressed state.

It is often possible to observe shaky upper limbs after a strong physical load, due to overcooling or heat stroke. This kind of jitter is characterized by a passing current. In other words, the trembling of the limbs passes after the elimination of the cause that provoked the appearance of the described dysfunction.

Quite often the trembling of hands is a constant companion of man. In this case, the trembling can be caused by a number of physiological factors: a violation of the thyroid gland functioning, a decreased level of hemoglobin, diabetes, liver or kidney pathology, micro stroke.

Often, the syndrome of “shaking” hands occurs after an overdose of drugs, toxic poisoning with carbon monoxide or narcotics, as a result of hangover syndrome or alcohol intoxication.

There are varieties of the disease under consideration, the causes of which are not fully understood. To these varieties it is possible to refer an essential tremor of hands. It is believed that approximately fiveOne-third of the cases are caused by a gene mutation, that is, it is a hereditary disease. The number of sufferers described by the ailment often exceeds fifty percent in one generation. If the trembling of the upper limbs is observed in both parents, the probability of occurrence in a baby rises to seventy-five percent. In addition, there are also isolated cases of this form of hand tremor, the etiology of which is unclear. It can arise regardless of the age stage on which the individual is. In this case, there is a genetic predisposition to this form of the disease. Essential tremor, also called Minor’s disease, is a common hereditary pathology of the nervous system. Essential tremor of the hands is an ailment whose only symptom is trembling, differing in degree severity of symptoms, characteristics, location, prevalence. The most characteristic for this form is the small or medium amplitude of hand trembling. At each purposeful action, the tremor is noticeable and slightly increases when it is brought to the target. When essential tremor of the hands, tremor at rest is rare. With the progression of this form of illness, patients become disabled. Individual patients find it difficult to even serve themselves – they are unable to button up their buttons, use cutlery, they hardly drink liquid from a glass, etc. Emotional disturbances that overlap with shaking cause different frustration of everyday and social adaptation.

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