4 types of hormonal imbalance

Hormones control many processes in our body. If everything is okay with them, we are cheerful, positive and calm and look good. If the hormonal balance is disturbed, everything is not so rosy: we can feel tired, nervous, gain weight … How do you know if you have an imbalance and how to fix it?
Three hormones are most valuable to women’s health, says Sarah Gottfried, an American therapist and bestselling author of “Tame Your Hormones. Simple Ways to Get Healthy. ” These include: * Cortisol. “Traveling through the circulatory system, he wakes up your nervous system, warning of threats, whether it is an impending car accident or a baby heading to a wall outlet. Cortisol helps respond to frightening moments in everyday life by regulating the levels of other hormones such as thyroid and estrogen, ”writes Sarah Gottfried.
* Thyroid (thyroid hormone). “He gives you energy, harmony and happiness. Without enough thyroid, you feel tired, gain weight, go through life with a bad mood … And libido? Forget about him, ”the expert notes. * Estrogen. “Fills your body with serotonin , a neurotransmitter for well-being. Estrogen keeps your body toned, your mood stable, your joints lubricated, your sleep and appetite proper, and it prevents wrinkles from covering your face. Estrogen keeps cortisol and thyroid in balance, ”says Sarah Gottfried. To counter depression, slow metabolism, lack of energy, hormones must work in concert. “If you have these hormones in the right proportions, you feel confident and even,” says Sarah Gottfried. – Each of the hormones is important, useful and extremely necessary in itself. But when they work together at the peak of their individual capabilities, magic happens: health, happiness, vitality, tremendous luxury of libido. ”

Alas, this is typical for a relatively small number of women. Why? The proportions of hormones in the blood are constantly changing, for most of us it can be difficult to keep them in balance due to nutritional problems, daily routine, chronic diseases, etc. “A key feature of female hormones is their tendency to often get out of hand. Take cortisol , for example. Being at a chronically high level, he behaves like a rushing train. When you rush from one thing to another, your cortisol level rises higher (just like a train accelerates faster and faster), leading to a need for sugar and wine, storing more and more fat on your stomach and giving a fake sense of energy or second wind, ”says Sarah Gottfried. Further cortisol disables the remaining hormones. “He himself is an alpha hormone and cannot be indifferent to his long-term relationship with the ovaries and the thyroid gland. Therefore, the thyroid gland intervenes , which seeks to correct the problem and produces less thyroid . When cortisol is high, it blocks the progesterone receptor, preventing progesterone from starting its work to calm the body. If there is little thyroid , the metabolism, which is responsible for burning calories, slows down. You are tired, overexcited and gaining weight, ”explains Sarah Gottfried.

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