Do I need to remove nodes in the thyroid?

Diseases of the thyroid gland are among the most common pathologies. Nodules in the thyroid gland – removed? Among all diseases of the endocrine organs, they take second place after diabetes.

Particularly alarming for patients and doctors is the appearance of nodes in the thyroid. Is this really scary in reality and is it always necessary to perform an operation to remove nodes? Let’s try to understand.

Nodules in the thyroid gland are formed in a large number of people and only 5% have a malignant character. Most sites do not pose a great danger to health, however, such patients should be under the supervision of an endocrinologist.

When a node appears, first of all, it is necessary to find out its nature. For this, a biopsy is performed. The procedure for taking the material takes a few seconds, after which it is sent for histological examination.

If it is determined that education is malignant, then an immediate operation is required to remove the node. In recent years, as a supplement to the operation, for the treatment of malignant tumors of thyroid used radioactive iodine.

If the cause of neoplasm formation is iodine deficiency, then iodine prophylaxis is possible. In some cases, hormone therapy is prescribed.

If the node is benign, then the choice of method of treatment depends largely on its size. If it interferes with normal swallowing and breathing, or triggers the development of thyrotoxicosis, then surgery or radioactive iodine therapy is indicated.

If the nodules are small and do not interfere with the patient, then special treatment is usually not required. The patient only needs to periodically visit the endocrinologist for the examination, and also once a year to carry out a blood test for TTG and ultrasound.

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