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The eternal questions of drinkers to teetotalers: “What are the reasons why you should not drink alcohol.” Since a sober lifestyle has changed for the better, both me and many of my acquaintances, I believe that it is simply necessary to provide all the arguments that would convince to live soberly.

Sobriety is a broad concept, and what comes below is only a small part of it.

Why you shouldn’t drink alcohol

  • “Alcohol is a drug that undermines the health of the population”, extract from WHO – “Ethyl alcohol is a colorless liquid with a characteristic odor. A strong drug that causes first excitement and then paralysis of the nervous system ”;
  • Alcohol leads to the death of the liver, subsequently hypotheses (increased fat) and, as a result, cancer;
  • Alcohol leads to spasm of the pancreatic ducts, as a result of swelling, inflammation, pancreatitis;
  • Because when alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream, the components mix and enter the heart, alcohol destroys the cells of your heart muscle. Microscopic scars appear. The muscle loses its elasticity, works at the limit of its capabilities, chokes with blood without having time to push it. The heart is covered with fatty tissue, so it is always enlarged in a drinking person. Blood clots form in the arteries and capillaries, which block the access of oxygen and nutrients to a part of the heart muscle – heart tissue dies off. This is called a heart attack.
  • Through alcohol, the process of decay occurs in the stomach, the stomach digests itself;
  • The condition of the microflora in the stomach is deteriorating, the mucous membrane eats away, turning into an ulcer, then into a tumor;
  • Alcohol leads to varicose veins in the stomach, as a result of which the veins often burst;
  • Alcohol consumption leads to premature aging; Life is qualitatively worse with alcohol;
  • According to statistics, out of 10 culturally using 2 – who will die from a heart attack, 2 – will be sick, 1 – will not be born, 1 – will not get pregnant, 1 – will be with cirrhosis, 1 – will become an alcoholic, 1 – will go to prison through alcohol and 1 – normal ; “Cultural” drinking destroys about 50% of a person’s energy (scientifically, it is actually somewhat more important); 90% of retarded children are “culturally drinking” parents;
  • Today the level of alcohol consumption in Russia is one of the highest in the world. According to modern research, alcohol is the most important factor in the demographic crisis in Russia. Russia loses annually more than 400 thousand of its citizens;
  • Drinking alcohol means endangering yourself and your family; Alcohol is a parasitism that affects so many;
  • Alcohol sticks together erythrocytes, clotting blood, as a result – hypoxia and death of organs, primarily brain cells;
  • When alcohol is consumed, a person becomes stupid, because oxygen starvation of the brain lowers the intellect into the toilet (fluid cleans necrosis in the brain and removes it); Therefore, ethyl alcohol (which is found in all alcoholic beverages) significantly reduces mental performance;
  • It is one of the main causes of deaths on the roads and the main cause of death from cardiovascular and other diseases and, in any degree, negatively affects the human soul;
  • This is a waste of money to the detriment of oneself and voluntary sponsorship of super-profits of the oligarchs
  • Alcoholism destroyed about a hundred peoples, only in Russia 68 in the north; Beer forms addiction and kills offspring; Hops, which are in beer, release hormones similar to the female hormone, which turns a man into a woman (big belly, impotence);
  • How many pleasant conversations vodka destroyed. Without alcohol, communication is true and spiritual; Alcohol takes critical thinking; A person with alcohol lives by instincts;
  • After all, in fact, there is no pleasure from alcohol. Thought about the pleasure of mass propaganda. It’s like in a study with children, when nine were given sweet porridge, and tenth salted. And after the expression “sweet”, the last child and that ate salty porridge, also said sweet;
  • Alcohol is a means of destroying true love, goodness and other high values; It has been proven that people who drink alcohol are more likely to suffer from viral diseases; There is not a single disease in the world in which medicines do not work better, more effectively alcohol;
  • It is forbidden to transport alcohol through 44 countries of the world, because there it is equal to marijuana;
  • In dry law lived not only saints and ascetics, but also millions of people, among whom there are a lot of famous people: Amosov N.M. (1913 -?) – surgeon, academician of Ukraine, Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi (19XVII-1984), leader of the Buddhists of Tibet Dalai- Lam XIV (b. 1935), Athenian orator Demosthenes (384-322 BC), American billionaire Dollar Robert, ancient Greek philosopher, stoic Zeno (490-430 BC), Greek physician Claudius Galen (129-199), founder of Calvinism Coven (Calvin) Jean (1509-1564), founder of Lutheranism Martin Luther (1483 -1546), the ancient Greek philosopher Plato (428 / 427-348 / 347 BC), Socrates (470-399 BC), the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy (1829-1910), the mayor of Moscow Luzhkov Yu.M. … … .. And who of the politicians is in complete sobriety today ?;
  • A healthy lifestyle is a philosophy of happiness and opportunity that doesn’t involve drinking alcohol; According to the life law of attraction, do not drink, and you will meet non-drinkers, but these are healthy and interesting people; Prohibition country Norway has ranked first in the world in winter sports for over 20 consecutive years with a population of 4 million;
  • A sober lifestyle is a stable attitude that inspires confidence in others;
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