How to relax?

What to do and what to do if evening fatigue rolls over, your legs ache, your mood falls, and there is unbearable heaviness in your body and legs? How to quickly relax and cheer up?

For reference: Overwork in the evening should not be confused with such a disease as chronic fatigue.

It is necessary to clearly distinguish between fatigue from a hard day and a constant state of malaise and fatigue from the early morning, which is also accompanied by a tearful mood.

How to relax and relieve tired legs after a hard day at work?

Here are some tips that will take a few minutes to complete, but will bring noticeable relief and help relieve muscle tension from your legs:

  1. Aching pain in the legs affects the mood. Take care of them. When you come home, take off everything that you were wearing on the street, put on a dressing gown, stay barefoot or put on slippers.
  2. Go to the bathroom, but if you are exhausted, then take a horizontal position, rest your raised legs against the wall, causing the blood to drain, after which the fatigue and aching pain in the legs will pass a little, and you will feel a little relief.

Make contrasting baths. Which will take a little time, will improve blood circulation. To do this, take bowls of cold water and hot water. Lower your legs in them alternately for a few seconds.


  1. However, a simple hot, naturally cooling bath with chamomile, lavender, sage or simple valerian will calm your feet, and inhaling the herbal vapors will calm the nervous system and fatigue. It is not recommended to take hot baths for varicose veins.
  2. If you are very tired, take a shared bathroom where add sea salt or pleasant herbal infusions and fragrances.
  3. After water procedures, you need to rub the body and legs with a terry towel.
  4. You should also not forget about your hands, substitute them under a stream of warm water, and after this procedure, apply a soft nourishing cream.
  5. Now that you have left the bathroom, partially shaking off fatigue, it’s time to devote some time to your face. Apply a nourishing mask to him and his neck and take a horizontal position with your legs raised.

The purpose of these procedures is to relieve muscle fatigue of the body, legs and relax after a hard day’s work. A few minutes will be enough for this.

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