It is possible to increase libido without affecting testosterone, experiments have shown

Using the example of rodents, Northwestern University has established that in certain areas of the brain tissue of males there is an element that affects sexual desire. It is an aromatase enzyme that converts androgens into estrogens. According to scientists, the gene behind this enzyme regulates sexual behavior in men, and therefore drugs that act on it can either activate its function in low libido, or suppress its function in obsessive sex drive. Aromatase converts testosterone into estrogen, which stimulates male sexual activity. Converting testosterone to estrogen in the brain is critical to maintaining full sexual activity or desire in men. This process is guided by aromatase . As part of the experiment, scientists selectively “turned off” aromatase in the brain of rodents, and as a result, the sexual activity of male mice decreased by 50%, despite the fact that they had higher levels of testosterone in the blood than the control group of animals.

Thyroid Myths

How much is said about her: the thyroid gland! And how many myths around her. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones!

I have hypothyroidism ( autoimmune thyroiditis , nodules, etc.) and cannot lose weight.

If the work of your thyroid gland is compensated, you take L-thyroxin, Eutirox in an adequate dose (your endocrinologist can evaluate this), then there should be no problems in losing weight.


I will not drink hormones, I will recover from them …

Thyroid hormones almost completely regulate metabolism, so their use, if shown to you, on the contrary, will help you lose weight.

Iodomarin is the best prevention of thyroid diseases.

For mass prevention, healthy people are shown only to use iodized salt and seafood. Group ( pregnant women, adolescents ) and individual prevention is decided specifically with each person!

I have a feeling of discomfort, suffocation, a lump in my throat, this is the thyroid gland!

In fact, only a goiter of huge size, which is visible with the naked eye, can cause such symptoms, as well as in a very rare variant – Riedel’s goiter , when germination occurs on neighboring organs and tissues. Usually the symptoms of a “lump in the throat” are the business of a gastroenterologist or psychiatrist.

I have a thyroid nodule! What to do?

More than 50% of people on earth have thyroid nodules. If the node is small (up to 1 cm), while the hormonal background is not changed, then these nodes are not dangerous and require observation: ultrasound of the thyroid gland once a year.

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