Sex and thyroid

Regular sex is good for the health of both men and women, contributes to the rejuvenation of the body, keeping it in good shape, good mood and stable immunity.

Love joys give an attractive appearance and a healthy complexion, as well as give a charge of vivacity and good mood. The best elixir of health is regular sex life, scientists say.

You should not give up sex in case of thyroid diseases. However, if you have problems with this, you need to consult a specialist and, if necessary, appropriate treatment. It is advisable to avoid excessive exertion, stress, alcohol. But if a loving and understanding partner is nearby, intimacy will bring pleasure and give pleasant emotions to both.

It is known that hormones and sex are closely related to each other, this also applies to hormones that the thyroid gland produces.

A group of specialists investigated the features of sexual dysfunctions in men with changes in the activity of the thyroid gland. Dr. E.A. Gianini, together with colleagues, studied the effect of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism on the sexual function of 48 men. Information was collected by interviewing these individuals during the conversation.

In 34 men with signs of hyperthyroidism (increased secretion of thyroid hormones), 18% had decreased sexual desire, 50% reported premature ejaculation, 3% had a slowdown in ejaculation, and 15% complained of a decrease in erection.

Among the 14 observed with hypothyroidism (a decrease in the formation of thyroid hormones), 64% had a decreased sex drive or erectile insufficiency, while 7% noted the presence of premature ejaculation.

After the restoration of the level of thyroid hormones in the blood in persons with hyperthyroidism, the number of cases with premature ejaculation decreased from 50% to 15%, which is observed on average among men (in the population). But decreased sexual desire and erectile dysfunction persisted in the majority of the surveyed.

In contrast to this group, in persons with hypothyroidism, after successful restoration of the level of thyroid hormones in the blood, restoration of erectile function was observed . In addition, the researchers found a significant increase in sex drive.

Decreased sex drive in women can cause hormonal disruption of the thyroid gland. A fairly common disease – hypothyroidism – a decrease in the function of the thyroid gland. This condition, along with a depressed mood, constant drowsiness, can also affect sexual desire, therefore, if you notice that you “don’t want anything in bed for a long time”, you need to take a blood test for thyroid hormones.

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