Symptoms of various goiter

In addition to the observed increase in the thyroid itself, some eyeballs are characterized by eye negative symptoms arising from autoimmune inflammation that occurs in the cellulose behind the eyeball. Eye symptoms develop due to the related antigenic structure of this tissue and thyroid. The most typical symptom is exophthalmos (bulging eyes), and in especially severe cases, even their eversion. The first signs of thyroid disease when it is enlarged may not be accompanied by such manifestations. Their development is most often noted at later stages of goiter formation.

The most characteristic eye symptoms are:

  • lacrimation, swelling of the eyelids, sensation of sand and / or bursting in the eyes;
  • a symptom of Kocher (lag of the movement of the upper eyelid in the case of looking down);
  • Gref’s symptom (the appearance of a white band between the iris and the upper eyelid when viewed upward);
  • Symptom Geoffroy (wrinkling of the forehead when lifting the eyes up);
  • a symptom of Moebius (inability to concentrate on a closely located object);
  • a symptom of Stelvag (a rare blink);
  • Rosenbach’s symptom (superficial tremor of closed eyelids).
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