Thyroid: 4 symptoms of the disease

The situation is the first. A young woman – “not sick, not healthy”, doctors can not diagnose anything, treatment does not give the desired effect.

Lack of thyroid hormones is often expressed in a variety of ailments. For example, in patients with insufficient thyroid function, hypothyroidism, hepatitis can be suspected, since they are characterized by a yellowish skin coloration.

Young girls with insufficient function of the thyroid gland are often disturbed by strong, unreasonable fears, depression. They are characterized by lethargy, drowsiness. Lack of thyroid hormones also affects the cardiovascular system. The normal work of the heart is broken, heart failure develops, is decreased (in 30% of patients) or high blood pressure. Often, doctors pay attention only to the consequence – a violation of the cardiovascular system, without noticing the cause. Hypothyroidism is often accompanied by anemia – lack of hemoglobin in the body. With a deficiency of thyroid hormones, there may be irregularities in the menstrual cycle, decreased libido, uterine bleeding, the appearance of secretions from the mammary glands.

Decision. When these symptoms appear, it is advisable to evaluate the function of the thyroid gland. To make it very simply: it is necessary to hand over a blood for definition of a level of a thyrotropic hormone (TTG) on the basis of which it is possible to tell or say precisely, whether there is a hypothyrosis. Treatment of hypothyroidism is now well developed. Against the background of correctly selected modern substitution therapy, the life of a person with thyroid hormone deficiency is practically the same as usual.

The situation is second. The woman has sharply grown thin, often irritates over trifles, experiences mood swings.

This condition is associated with excessive production of thyroid hormones. Most often they suffer from young or middle-aged women with a certain hereditary predisposition. Such patients develop cardiac arrhythmia, they lose weight, experience weakness.

Decision. There are various methods of treating this disease. First of all, long (but not more than 1.5 years) drugs that block the production of thyroid hormones. The method is promising only in the case of a small increase in thyroid gland. Its effectiveness, unfortunately, is low – about 30%.

In other cases, more radical treatment is required – surgical removal of the thyroid gland or its destruction by radioactive iodine. After this, patients receive replacement therapy with thyroid hormone drugs. To be afraid of radical treatment is not necessary, as modern substitution therapy of hyperthyroidism allows to lead a normal way of life and practically in what to itself not to refuse.

The situation is third. During the ultrasound examination, a thyroid nodule was found.

In the appearance of nodal formations, it is often to blame for a long, for many decades, iodine deficiency.

However, “nodal goiter” is only a preliminary diagnosis. Under it can be hidden various diseases – from a banal colloid goiter to cancer of the thyroid gland. Although in the vast majority of cases, the tumor process does not go.

A node in the thyroid gland is a site of tissue that differs from others in density, volume, and sometimes structure. He can develop hormones more actively than other parts of the gland. But more often the function of the organ does not change as a whole. That is why the appearance of the node is extremely rarely accompanied by any symptoms.

There are other reasons for the formation of nodes, for example, the thyroid cyst or its autoimmune inflammation.

Usually that there is a node in the thyroid gland, we learn from a doctor who probes it with his hands. It also happens that for the first time the node is found only with ultrasound or radioisotope scanning of the gland.

Decision. If the site does not exceed 1 cm in diameter and is not probed, no additional examination and treatment is required. Only dynamic observation is necessary. If the site is larger, the doctor often assigns a puncture biopsy. This is the most accurate diagnostic method. It allows you to establish a diagnosis and choose the right treatment tactics.

Puncture biopsy is absolutely harmless. Often it is carried out under the control of ultrasound, and therefore, damage to other organs (many fear this) are impossible. In rare cases, the doctor can recommend surgery. In small formations, the tumor nature of which is excluded, surgery is not required.

The situation is fourth. The woman had a difficult time undergoing menopause, and she feels completely ill.

Shortage of thyroid hormones during this period can cause weakness, memory impairment, change in reflexes. Characteristic and a variety of metabolic disorders: primarily lipid – in the blood accumulates excess cholesterol, develops atherosclerosis and obesity. Violations of water-salt metabolism are manifested in the form of edema. Due to swelling of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, breathing is difficult, hoarseness appears. Swelling and mucous auditory moves, which can lead to hearing impairment.

Since thyroid hormones are “responsible” for thermoregulation, when their deficiency is often reduced body temperature. It’s no wonder that a woman is always cold, feels lethargic and tired.

Decision. The work of the thyroid gland is disrupted in 8-10% of women over the age of 50 years. In this case, consultation of the endocrinologist is absolutely necessary. A universal method for the prevention of endemic goiter and other iodine deficiency diseases is universal iodization of food table salt. This method is approved by WHO.

Thanks to the propaganda and organizational activities of native endocrinologists and a number of international organizations, the share of iodized salt in Russian sales is increasing, it appeared in stores. Instead of the usual salt, you should use only iodized salt. Some believe that it is more appropriate to eat fish, and there will be no shortage of iodine. Not every fish contains enough iodine, but only sea. To provide a daily requirement for iodine, you need to eat 200-300 g of such fish every day, which is unrealistic. And there is every day sea kale – an occupation for people with an iron will. It is much easier to eat what your heart desires, and use iodized salt instead of the usual salt.

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