Thyroid gland tumors

Malignant neoplasms of thyroid gland arise due to abnormal growth of cells inside the gland itself. On the general background of the development of all tumors in humans, thyroid cancer is considered to be less common. The prognosis for patients with a similar diagnosis is in most cases positive, since this form of cancer is usually diagnosed at early stages of development and is amenable to therapy. However, the cured cancer can recur, sometimes years after the treatment.

Types of thyroid cancer:

  • metastatic cancer, sarcoma, epidermoid cancer, fibrosarcoma, lymphoma (1-2%);
  • anaplastic and undifferentiated cancer (3.5-4%);
  • medullary cancer (5-6%);
  • follicular cancer (14%);
  • papillary cancer (76%).

Symptoms of thyroid cancer

The most common negative manifestations, indicating the possible development of cancer, are:

  • pain in the cervical region, sometimes giving into the ear;
  • seal under the skin of the neck, the more rapidly growing;
  • hoarseness of voice;
  • labored breathing;
  • impaired swallowing;
  • cough, not associated with an infectious disease;
  • weakness, weight loss, excessive sweating, worsening of appetite.

If any of the above symptoms are identified, the patient urgently needs to consult an oncologist and endocrinologist, since similar manifestations may indicate other non-tumorous thyroid diseases, and the only way to accurately diagnose cancer is to complete a medical examination. Early diagnosis of cancer and timely treatment in most cases leads to getting rid of this ailment.

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