Treatment of hand tremors

Trembling, shaking hands are frequent signs of various ailments, such as Parkinson’s disease, hepatolenticular degeneration, torsion dystonia, multiple sclerosis, liver cirrhosis, thyrotoxicosis, intoxication with drugs, metals, drugs, etc.

How to treat tremors of the hands, how to get rid of tremors of the hands, if the tremor is caused by one of the aforementioned ailments? In the first turn, drug therapy is aimed at getting rid of the pathology that caused this violation.

The medication for hand tremors includes anticonvulsants, for example, Primidone, nonselective beta-blockers (Anaprilin), inhibitors of carbonic anhydrase (Diacarb). A particularly effective remedy for hand tremor is Nadolol (beta-blocker).

In addition, these diseases must be differentiated from alcoholic and essential hand tremor, since their treatment should be performed using other methods.

Essential tremor is considered a family tremor, because it is a pathology of the nervous system, inherited. The only symptom of this ailment is trembling, which most often affects the hands, but it can also affect the lower limbs, head, trunk, diaphragm.

How to treat the tremor of the hands of an essential form? In most cases, therapy of this form of illness is limited to drug therapy. Has a good therapeutic effect of beta-blocker Propranolol. It can significantly reduce tremor, but due to a number of contraindications it is forbidden to assign it to individual groups of patients. In this case, patients can be recommended anticonvulsant drug Clonazepam. In recent years, for the treatment of this form of tremor, the intramuscular administration of Botox has been successfully used, which affects the nerve endings. In order to obtain a metabolic effect, vitamin B6 is prescribed.

In cases where conservative treatment is ineffective, surgical intervention is recommended. The implantation of a neurostimulator with the aim of stimulating deep structures is shown. In addition, it is often carried out a stereotaxic operation on the ventrolateral nucleus of the thalamus.

Due to chronic excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and acute alcohol intoxication, alcohol tremor of hands may occur. Trembling, shaking of hands is an inalienable companion of a hangover and withdrawal syndrome, which is observed in individuals with alcoholism, due to the termination of taking alcohol-containing liquids.

Trembling is considered one of the unpleasant consequences of excessive drinking. To permanently get rid of it, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive treatment for alcoholism. Self-administration of drugs that can reduce shaking hands is not recommended, since drugs aimed at removing tremor have a strong effect on the entire cardiovascular system. Therefore, before taking any medications it is recommended to consult with a specialist.

Treatment of the tremor caused by the use of alcohol-containing beverages, begins with the elimination of symptoms of general intoxication of the patient’s body. For this purpose, intravenous drip administration of the following drugs is prescribed: isotonic solution (saline solution), hepatoprotectors, glucose, vitamins, antihistamines, soothing and hypnotics. Assign funds that restore the salt balance, metabolic processes, acid-base balance.

After removing the symptoms of intoxication, the patient is shown the appointment of drugs aimed at normalizing blood pressure, sedative and anticonvulsants, antidepressants. In addition, complex therapy should include the use of enzymes that help to normalize the functioning of the digestive system.

Thus, hand tremors caused by alcohol intoxication must be treated in conjunction with other manifestations of alcoholism. The dosage of prescription drugs is calculated individually for each subject.

Alcoholic hand tremor treatment at home is possible with the help of folk remedies. However, there are several reasons why self-medication is not recommended. Alcohol shaking is one of the main signs of severe dysfunction of the nervous system. Therefore, immediate treatment is indicated. If the patient for a long time ignores the existing problem, it can provoke sad consequences, such as myocardial infarction, stroke, paralysis, etc. When there is unrestrained trembling of the entire trunk and extremities, specialist help is needed. With small manifestations of trembling, you can use traditional medicine. So, for example, sage infusion helps to get rid of tremors in the upper limbs. To make it, you need to pour 10 grams of grass leaves with a glass of hot water and let it steep for nine hours. Use this infusion is recommended in the amount of 5 milliliters (one teaspoon) after eating. It can be washed downtea, compote, kissel. Also remove the symptoms of hand trembling and calm the next infusion from collecting herbs. For its preparation, you need ten grams of medicinal valerian, thirty grams of cassowat grass, motherwort and heather. All these ingredients should be carefully mixed, pour a liter of hot boiled liquid and insist in the thermos for about 8-10 hours. Use recommended for 50 ml. per day. Treatment of alcohol tremors can also be carried out with the help of relaxing therapy. In this case, baths with aromatic oils, sage or chamomile will be effective ways to relax and calm the nervous system. This procedure can only be carried out if a person is in a sober state. In a state of a hangover or with an abstinence syndrome, this procedure is strictly prohibited.

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