Natural essential oils and their compositions are successfully used to improve performance, sleep, strengthen immunity, and eliminate skin problems.

Essential oils are often used as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent. French chemist Rene Gettefos was one of the first to discover that lavender oil, for example, has powerful regenerating, wound healing properties. After a while, the scientist published a book on aromatherapy (1937), where he detailed information on the properties of various aromatic oils and suggested using them as therapeutic agents. He also coined the term “aromatherapy”.

Lavender. Helps with sunburn (add 1-2 drops to body milk), normalizes blood pressure and heart rate, improves sleep.

Mint and lemon balm. They relieve headaches and emotional stress, refresh, help fight excessive sweating. As part of body wraps and masks, it has a cooling effect.

Rosemary. It relieves puffiness, has a lymphatic drainage effect, and also has an immunostimulating effect.

Grapefruit. Tones up, helps to avoid morning sleepiness.

Sage. It stabilizes the psyche, helps with nausea (ideal for those who are seasick on the road) and dizziness.

The main rules for the use of essential oils

Before you start using essential oils:

Perform a skin intolerance test. Apply a couple of drops to the crook of the elbow if the next day there is no redness in this place, you do not feel a burning sensation, itching – everything is in order. The essential oils of lemon grass, rosemary, eucalyptus, nutmeg have a strong irritant effect.

Never apply pure essential oil to your skin. For massage, mix 7-10 drops of essential oil with 100 ml of base oil (almond, peach, avocado). As an additive to face cream: 1-2 drops per 5 ml of cream. For aroma baths: take 100-150 g of sea salt and / or a cup of warm milk, mix with 10 drops of essential oil, and only then add the mixture to the water.

Beware of counterfeits. There are no natural essential oils of aloe, apple blossom, lilac, lily of the valley, peach, apricot, linden, lotus, magnolia, fern, coconut, mango, banana, strawberry, strawberry, kiwi, watermelon, melon, cucumber.

Store vials in a cool, dark place. Direct sunlight is harmful to the oil.

Aroma compositions for all occasions

Essential oils can be mixed to achieve the desired effect. Mix 1-2 drops of oil, apply to a handkerchief or napkin. Place it on your desk to surround yourself with a cloud of scent, inhale and enjoy. You can also add the mixture to a water-based scent diffuser.

 For a good mood: bergamot + orange + lemon

 Antistress Blend: Rosemary + Lavender + Sage

 Focus: Rosemary + Peppermint

 To improve sleep: lavender + chamomile

 Anti-fatigue: juniper + orange + grapefruit

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