Autoimmune pathologies

Treatment of autoimmune diseases of the thyroid gland, as a rule, is medicated, is symptomatic and is aimed at suppressing the inflammatory autoimmune process, eliminating certain negative manifestations (palpitation, anxiety, sweating, blocking, etc.) and normalizing the hormonal background. In some particularly severe cases, manifested by excessive growth of the thyroid, surgical procedures are practiced, also eliminating only the outward signs of the disease, and not its causes.

Goiter (enlargement) of the thyroid gland

One of the methods of treating goiter is the reception of radioactive iodine, which through the systemic blood flow enters the thyroid gland, accumulates in the goiter cells and leads to their destruction. When this therapeutic method is used, in most cases the patient does not fully recover. After carrying out such treatment, the patient usually has less pronounced hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism (rarely), requiring constant patient intake of hormonal drugs.

A more radical method of therapy for an enlarged thyroid is a surgical operation to remove its pathological part (resection) or the entire gland completely (thyroidectomy). Basically, such operations are performed when diagnosing malignant tumors of the thyroid gland or proliferation of its tissue, up to difficulty breathing and / or swallowing.

Negative moments of surgical interventions are: frequent postoperative development of hypothyroidism, leading the patient to lifelong reception of hormonal medications; various postoperative complications (damage to parathyroid glands, vocal nerves, etc.), giving about 10% of disability.

Based on the foregoing and taking into account the considerable risks associated with hormonal imbalance, doctors recommend, before treating the thyroid gland in women and men, to undergo a full medical examination of this body and its functions and not engage in self-medication. Timely diagnosed thyroid problems and adequately selected therapy in many cases can prevent the transition of the disease to a chronic stage and even completely cure the patient.

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