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SUMMER IS ONLY BEGINNING BUT AUGUST WILL BE ENDED in a couple of weeks. After summer festivals and summer cottages, there will be more time for household chores – and the weather may be too changeable to stay outside for long. We’ve picked ten items to keep you at home on a rainy September weekend or to make your commute to work more enjoyable. 

Weighted Blanket

When it’s already cool, and the heating hasn’t turned on yet, you want to wrap yourself in a cozy blanket or blanket – and due to the additional weight, it will not only warm you, but also help you relax. Heavy blankets have long been used to treat anxiety disorders; they help you fall asleep faster, sleep better, or simply relax after a working day.

Now weighted blankets are made by many manufacturers – and they are created from modern materials that do not cause allergies and perfectly tolerate washing in a washing machine. We wrote about the Gravity blanket , which is being raised on Kickstarter, but heavy blankets, as well as blankets, can be found from Russian manufacturers .

Heater for cup

If in the summer you are drawn to cold drinks, then with the onset of autumn you don’t want tea or coffee to cool down on your desktop. To stretch the pleasure, a USB powered cup warmer comes in handy. You can find a wide variety of warmers on sale, from very minimalistic ones to decorated with Disney characters – and our favorite is the Oreo cookie warmer.

Mini projector with cartoons

This thing is suitable for family leisure, and for those who like to lie on the bed alone and watch clips – moreover, it does not load the eyes as much as a regular screen, and makes you remember children’s evenings spent watching filmstrips. It was the filmstrips that inspired the creator of the Cinemood mini-projector – Russian Mikhail Bukhovtsev.

The pre-installed content is mostly for children – these are cartoons and filmstrips – which does not make it uninteresting for adults. The projector cube allows you to broadcast videos from YouTube or a connected flash drive, and you can control it from the smartphone screen.

Warm slippers

Home slippers are a thing that we often don’t remember buying for years, but comfortable, soft and warm shoes for home create a feeling of comfort no worse than a burning fireplace. Slippers with fur soles are made, for example, by Ugg , and Wooppers offer colorful felt slippers that look like low felt boots. Similar can be found on Mahabis – but also with a rubber outsole for outdoor use .

If the budget is limited, cute options for felt slippers can be found on the sites “Fair of Craftsmen”, ” Miracle Valenki ” or ” Slippers for everyone .”


If you still hold onto paper books because you don’t like reading from the screen, try a quality reader. They use electronic ink technology (eInk), thanks to which the screen is perceived as an accurate imitation of paper – it does not glow or flicker. To read the reader in the dark, you need a backlight, but most modern models have it built into the frame around the screen.

An electronic book is devoid of the drawbacks of a paper book: it weighs almost nothing and fits into any bag, and the problem of “nothing to read” if the book suddenly ends on an airplane does not arise. The premier e-reader of all time is the Kindle ; besides the obvious reading convenience, it allows you to buy books on Amazon with a couple of clicks and rate them on Goodreads. Prices range from $ 80 for the simplest version to $ 280 for the newest Kindle Oasis.

Home grill

The onset of autumn does not mean that it is time to forget about the summer tradition of having a weekly barbecue – moreover, you can cook on your home grill even every evening. Grilled meat, fish, shrimp or vegetables are healthier than fried and cook faster than in the oven. Panels with a non-stick coating can most often be removed and washed in the sink or dishwasher, and you can choose a grill for almost any budget – from four and a half to almost fifty thousand rubles.

Unusual umbrella

In the autumn rain, it is not always possible to sit out at home – and a good umbrella will definitely make going out in bad weather more pleasant. If you tend to lose or forget umbrellas, then it makes sense to invest in Kisha , a “smart” umbrella that tethers to an app in your smartphone, making it impossible to lose.

Surprisingly, even in the production of such a simple thing as an umbrella, there is room to move – and if you want, you can find a variety of versions of this item. For example, a Blunt umbrella without sharp ends will not hurt anyone even in a crowd, the heavy-duty Davek is almost impossible to break, Kazbrella closes in the opposite direction (that is, when folded, the umbrella is always dry), and Senz umbrellas are convenient for two people to use due to asymmetry.

Smart diary

For those who, with the arrival of autumn, remember the school with its clear schedule of lessons and want to streamline everything that happens, a new diary will come in handy. The familiar Moleskin, thanks to Lifescribe technology, can now instantly synchronize with electronic devices: when you write or draw in a notebook with a special pen, the image appears on the smartphone.

There are other similar gadgets: on Kikstarter you can order The Color Notebook – a synchronized notebook for drawing with colored markers. Finally, there is the reMarkable device , which is similar to an e-book – but you can write and draw on its screen, and the instant response gives the feeling of working with paper.

Smart backpack

If you carry with you not only a phone and a couple of credit cards, then sooner or later your shoulders and arms will start to get tired of bags – and if you carry weight on one shoulder for a long time, your spine may also suffer. For those who have an office, a gym, and a meeting with friends in the program for the day, it’s definitely time to take a closer look at the backpacks.

The creators of the advanced Barracuda suitcase have invented their own version of the backpack – it allows you to charge gadgets, close the zipper at the touch of a button, signalize the presence of open pockets and does not roll over from a standing position.

Subscription to a museum or theater

Buying a season ticket is a good way to start going to exhibitions or performances more often, as the problem sometimes stems from unwillingness to plan or queue for tickets. While traveling, many people buy city passes that give discounts on visits to various attractions – but few people think that this can be done in their own city.

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