Dancing and Cleaning: How to stay active in the summer at home

Most of us are now quarantined to one degree or another – even where there are fewer official bans, people are rightly afraid to spend a lot of time outside the home. Gyms, swimming pools and stadiums are closed, and will likely reopen with new regulations regarding the number of visitors or the distance between them. And even if the place where you live has already been allowed to play sports on the street, you will still spend some days (rainy or hot) without leaving your home. We’ve put together tips to help you stay active, even when you’re locked up.

Start in the morning

Exercising or doing a few exercises to warm up in the morning will help you to cheer up, so it’s best not to put it off until later. If in the morning you have half an hour or an hour for a full workout – use them! Firstly, there is little that can be more pleasant than the feeling of an important job already done and your own productivity. Secondly, you will really have an important job done, and you will not have to look for a moment to work out during the day.

Set a timer

Take breaks from work to your advantage – let it be not only trips for another cup of coffee, but also a few minutes of warm-up. You can combine: for example, squat and do push-ups while brewing coffee and heating food in the microwave. During the day, you can dial an hour or more with such short active pauses – so start a timer that reminds you every 50-60 minutes that it’s time to get up from the table and move a little.
Combine with entertainment

You don’t have to do your workouts according to someone’s plan: choose a few exercises that you are familiar with (lunges, squats, crunches, planks, push-ups) and do several sets while watching a TV show or movie. If you listen to podcasts or audiobooks, then before quarantine, you probably did it on walks; Walking around the apartment back and forth is likely to get bored quickly, but try to move around a little.

Don’t ignore the little things

If you have to work at home, it’s easy to stop changing clothes and even shower — the easiest way to open your laptop is without getting out of bed. It’s the same with training: it seems that you don’t need to wear sneakers and uniforms, because you can just do stretching in your home clothes. In fact, sportswear helps wick sweat away from your skin, sneakers keep your feet safe from injury, and all together give you a pleasant sense of organization. Think about what promotes composure on ordinary days, and do not forget about these quarantined actions – perhaps it is a shower with your favorite exfoliation or blow-drying your hair (even if you do not plan to go anywhere).

Buy the missing

We are not supporters of unnecessary purchases, but let’s face it: in the current situation, you will have to live for some more time. If earlier I didn’t want to buy dumbbells or a training mat for the house, because there was a risk of quickly abandoning them, because going to the gym is easier and more interesting, now it will take quite a long time to study without leaving home. So, it is worth buying things that will make your workouts more comfortable. Or just make you happy!

Move in the company

The zoom now hosts not only workshops and online lessons, but also distance training. This option is suitable for those who want clear planning, discipline, contact with a coach – or just boring to study alone. Online trainings are also conducted through live broadcast on Instagram; and if you want to work with a personal trainer, then just agree on a convenient option – for example, video calls via Facetime.


At first, online bars were laughed at – it seemed that it was a fiction, justifying the desire for a drink. But it is already clear: meetings with friends will not return to the previous format soon, and at virtual parties you can not only drink, but also talk heart to heart, joke, play board games and, of course, dance! The latter is a great option for physical activity. If online parties don’t suit you, turn on YouTube clips (the funnier they dance, the better) and try to repeat the movements in the company of loved ones or alone.

Put things in order

Cleaning for many is a boring and thankless task, the results of which are usually short-lived. But she has a big plus – she makes you move. Remove excess from the floor, dust, vacuum or mop the floors, remove and wash the curtains – you will definitely feel how physically tired. In order not to do everything at once, clean in parts (during the day or on different days of the week).

Come up with outdoor games

This is an especially useful item if you have children – since you cannot go for a walk, you will have to play catch-up or hide and seek in the apartment. You can arrange competitions (with children or adults): who will sit down more times or will stand in the bar longer. Try a funny online challenge like “take off your pants in a handstand” – just don’t take it too seriously and evaluate your strengths wisely.

Don’t forget to rest

Remember, your job is to maintain a healthy level of activity, not set records. So pay attention to your diet, your favorite activities, and the quality of your sleep. Change your bedding often, go to bed and get up at your usual time, do not abuse alcohol and gadgets in the evenings – all this will contribute to cheerfulness in the morning, and therefore the desire to move.

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