In the study of lame
som complex revealed a karyotype 46XY. Floor chrome
Tin is negative.
On the pneumogynecogram ovaries and uterus are absent. Detect
testicles with localization more often in the external openings of the inguinal canals, sometimes in the abdominal cavity or the labia majora.
Diagnosis and differential diagnosis. Diagnosis of the syndrome
testicular feminization set on the basis of wives
human phenotype in the presence of male gonads, as well as data
X-ray diagnostics (absence of uterus on gynecogram), examined
Sexual chromatin (negative) and chromosomal aberrations
complex (46XYJ.
Testicular feminization syndrome is differentiated from
Rokitansky-Kuster syndrome and false female hermafro
Ditism non-adrenal genesis. With Rokitan syndrome
Skogo — Kuster (congenital aplasia of the vagina and uterus) also
there are female phenotype, primary amenorrhea, shortening of moisture
lishcha, the absence of the uterus, but sexual growth is good you
Razheno, sex chromatin positive, karyotype 46XX,
there are normal ovaries. Unlike testis syndrome
feminization with false female hermaphroditism
adrenal genesis occurs intersexual development
external genitalia, normal development of female secondary
sexual characteristics, normal menstruation, polo
positive sex chromatin.
Treatment. Treatment is usually limited to surgical treatment.
artificial vagina and fixation of the testicles under the skin
the belly. Given the tendency of the testicles to malignant degeneration
some authors recommend their prompt removal
after 20 years of age. After castration prescribe sweep
full estrogen therapy during the whole period, corresponding to
reproductive age.

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