Diencephalic-ENDO Crean REGULATION ( hypothalamic -gipofizarnaya correlation)

Diencephalic-ENDO Crean REGULATION ( hypothalamic -gipofizarnaya correlation)

Diencephalic, otherwise – the hypothalamic region – the division of the interstitial brain , the oldest formation of the central nervous system. This division consists of 32 pairs vysokodifferen -skilled nerve clusters – hypothalamic nuclei (Tn), having a rich communication with the surrounding brain tissue, olfactory and optic nerves and most heads Noe to the pituitary gland, where through lymph cal and blood vessels of the tread neurosecretion hypothalamic nuclei.

The hypothalamic nuclei and adjacent from the affairs of the brain – the reticular form tion – is emotional center, sleep, appetite, thermoregulation may have fun. The hypothalamus is etsya major regulator of hormone Nogo, water and salt homeostasis, to tory laws Cybernetics performed by negative feedback of. For instance at lower peripheral kro vi cortisol in hypothalamic nuclei (rg) is increased about induction AKTG- RF (adrenocorticotropic hormone – releasing factor), which stimulates the production of ACTH and thus cortisol.
Hypothalamic nuclei (Tn ) can be divided into three groups nN:

  •                front, middle, back.

Pe Independent user group has rR advan nificant parasympathetic integral grace , rear – sympathetic . Hypothalamic formation are very sensitive to both external factor tori (through visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory receptors ry), and the internal temperature fluctuations, electrolytes content comrade, hormones zhirolipidov , gluco PS and many other blood components. Further, regulation they respectively ruyut autonomic processes such measures, cardiovascular, temperature nye, vascular permeability, water and mineral and fat metabolism, urination, sleep regulation and others. An important function of the hypothalamic nuclei (Tn) YaV wish to set up hormonal regulation.

Hypothalamus cells (and cells cent tral and peripheral nervous system) operate not only neyroregulyatornuyu , but neurosecretory function. Many cells of the nervous system, including the roll stands ki hypothalamic nuclei (Tn), although they are nervous in origin, but produce hormone-like substances. They are not only functional and morphological cally features are nervous and endo Crean cells, but are sub -strata, uniting the nervous and endocrine systems. Hypothalamic secrets most are smiling releasing -factors and ingibito ramie for pituitary hormones . They enter the portal system pituitary and exert their STI which stimulates the inhibitory or dei Corollary on the pituitary gland.

In addition to releasing factors of the hypothalamus vyrabaty INDICATES and a number of other hormones:

  •                endorphin , enkephilin , lipotropin , neurotension , angiotensin -P;
  •                a series of mountains Hmong APUD system (this is the diffuse endocrine system that combines the hormones are available in almost all organs,) gastrin peptides, bombesin , cholecystokinin , and others.

In the CNS dopamine, epinephrine, serotonin, and n is the original E stimulants hypothalamic hormones. They are transmitery nerve impulses are transmitted to the roll stands ki for the production of hormones.

Among releasing factors (RF) there are stimulants and inhibitors. They are usually called by the name of the pituitary hormone, which they stimulate.

  •                Stimulators or releasing -factors called closure with the addition of ” liberin “: tireoliberin (TRH), lyuliberin -stimulyator N (L.G.R.G.) filliberin (FRG) somatoliberin (AWG) prolaktoliberin (PWG) melanoliberin ( MRH), corticoliberin (KRG).
  •                To the name blockers (ingibi tori) secretion of pituitary hormones added to the end of a statin : somatostatin ( SrIG ) prolaktostatin (ACI), melanostatin (MIG).

Releasing – factors of low molecular weight, consisting Suitable from 3-10 amino acids. Therefore, their laboratory synthesis is much easier than high molecular weight pituitary hormones.

Tropic pituitary hormones are many times increase the first elements ny effect of nervous excitement through the peripheral hormones. For example, the reaction to the alarm nerve cells by releasing void Noe number of biogenic amines, stimulate the production of ACTH, to Torah should copious adrenal hormones. Similarly, there is regulation and other ternary hormyl new. Only the posterior pituitary hormones – vasopressin and oxytocin – produced in the hypothalamus and de ponir in the pituitary gland. Culture pituitary cells in isolation tropic hormones are not secreted. Their secretion is carried etsya only in the presence of hypothalamic cells, indicating a regulatory role in the past by wearing pituitary. Pathology of the Hypothalamus.

Destruction of the front group hypothalamic nuclei leads to diabetes insipidus, medium – to obesity and hypogonadism , rear – hypothermia, metabolic disorders, ekzoftal mu ptosis.

Pathology of the hypothalamus in the majority of WHO arises from the acute and chronic Institute fektsy and intoxication. In some cases the reason for this may be the skull injury, mental survived Bani. It plays a role in the investigation predisposition lane between primary lesion of endocrine also climbed; chronic insufficiency of certain hormones may be at lead to pathological vzaimootno sheniyam between the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus.

Defeat diencephalic raids STI can manifest itself in the form of ozhi rhenium , basophilism , impotence, gi pertrihoza and virilization of women, dysmenorrhea and early menopause ‘ve getativno-vascular dystonia, cha -particle fire complete hypopituitarism , insomnia, disorders of thermo regulation, excessive sweating, often asymmetric or local, and other violations.


  •                Recommended dehydro Zion therapy (diuretics);
  •                Rent gene therapy, 50 p. per session, 6-8 ap plication to the area of the midbrain:
  •                In reference to inflame tion process – rehabilitation against -inflammatory therapy, steroid nye drugs;
  •                Desensitizing schaya therapy.
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