Doctors have named the most useful drinks for strengthening the immune system this fall

Autumn is already very close, and, with the returning bad weather, temperature drops and annoying cold rains, the question of strengthening the immune system is becoming more acute every day. In the human body, immunity is the main weapon against all kinds of aggressive environmental factors, pathological agents, bacteria and viruses that cause diseases. The basis of human health is the smooth functioning of the immune system.

However, the realities of the modern world are such that constant stress, a variety of bad habits, diets, vitamin deficiencies at the turn of the seasons, thoughtless uncontrolled intake of pills weaken the body’s natural defenses. Helping your body to strengthen immunity and confidently resist damaging factors is not difficult. To do this, it is enough to regularly consume drinks rich in vitamins and minerals. And it’s not difficult to cook them at home!
It is a common misconception that a weakened immune system only needs vitamin C. Multiple medical studies have shown that we also need a sufficient amount of vitamins A and E for the normal functioning of internal systems. Where can we find all these three components in sufficient concentration? The solution may be to regularly eat berry fruit drinks, fresh juices and fruit teas, writes
Consider TOP-3 drinks to strengthen immunity this fall:

Sea buckthorn tea
In the wet season, which is autumn, sea buckthorn is simply irreplaceable as the most effective means for the treatment of diseases of the lungs and upper respiratory tract. One hundred grams of berries account for the daily rate of mineral components and essential vitamins, which have a proactive effect on coughs and colds. Sea buckthorn tea can be supplemented with anise or honey for a richer flavor.

Rowan cocktail
As soon as you notice the first indistinct signs of a cold, a sore throat or a cough, do not rush to grab the pills! A drink made from a handful of mountain ash, boiled in ordinary water, can easily cope with these phenomena. You can also add cinnamon or ginger there to enhance the healing effect.

Rosehip tea
A classic product for replenishing vitamin C deficiency is rosehip tea. It will certainly help you warm up on a chilly autumn evening, as well as overcome autumn depression and blues, thanks to active ingredients that increase the production of serotonin and endorphins in the body . Perfectly heals diseases of the stomach and intestines: why rosehip tea is useful.

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