How does the thyroid gland affect pregnancy?

During pregnancy, changes occur throughout the body, but one of the most important organs in pregnancy is the thyroid gland, of course, after the reproductive system. Although their functions are closely related to the correct development of the baby, his mental abilities depend on the correct functioning of the thyroid gland of the pregnant woman, and the normal hormonal background.

The topic is important and it is worth familiarizing yourself with it so as not to panic, for example, after receiving an ultrasound scan or a blood test for thyroid hormones during pregnancy and at the planning stage.

How the thyroid gland works and how it is regulated

If we consider the issue in a completely simplified way, then the main task of the thyroid gland is to produce the hormone thyroxine. This hormone acts on all cells of body tissues and acts as a regulator of metabolic processes. When the thyroid gland malfunctions, many pathological changes occur, which during pregnancy concern not only the woman, but also the fetus.

The thyroid gland is small enough, located superficially on the front of the neck. It is easy to palpate . Therefore, any changes: enlargement, nodes, areas of dense tissue can be determined by manual examination. Ultrasound is done to clarify the diagnosis. Glandula thyreoidea – has the shape of a butterfly: two wings and an isthmus.

The work of the thyroid gland is regulated by another gland – the pituitary gland through thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) . The work of the pituitary gland, in turn, is regulated by the hypothalamus. And all these interactions and connections are still influenced by the central nervous system.

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