Hyperglycemia – presence of blood sugar above physiologic tion norms (by Hagedorn-Jensen rate of 70-115 mg% ortotoluidinovym method of Somogyi -Nelsonu 3,33-5,55 mmol / l, 60-100 mg%).

The following types of hyperglycemia are distinguished :

  •                physiological
  •                Patolo based communities
  •                mixed

Physiological cal Hyperglycemia is transient and steps due to physiological stress, emotions, cooling the body and postprandial containing easy assimilable mye carbohydrates (sugar, honey, etc.). Pathological Hyperglycemia is observed in endocrine disorders, especially in diabetes mellitus. Glycemia on is observed and hypercorticoidism , acromegaly, pheochromocytoma , bronze diabetes, at least – with the defeat of the central nervous system, especially the autonomic centers.


In the pathogenesis of central origin lies hyperglycemia malnutrition cells, in particular hypothetical lamicheskih centers due to breakdown in the circulation them, which leads to ejection releasing factor growth hormone (GH-RH), strengthening gluconeogenesis .

Hyperglycemia at SMOs ‘ve traumatic or infectious-toxic CNS injury develops the same mechanism. Insular apparatus of the pancreas responds to hyperglycemia release of large amounts of insulin, to tory immediately lowers blood sugar. Only with atrophy of the insular apparatus does hyperglycemia remain at a high level and decrease after administration of insulin or other hypoglycemic drugs.

The body tolerates hyperglycemia more easily than hypoglycemia. Moderately increased of blood sugar does not cause subjective sensations.
The blood sugar in diabetic coma can reach 600-1000 mg% and even 2000 mg% – the so called emoe hyperosmolar state thrust perosmolyarnaya coma. In this case, on the steps the sharp dehydration TKA her acidosis. Typically, hyperglycemia accompanied nied by glucosuria . In healthy second person comes last, COH yes hyperglycemia of diabetes goes beyond the threshold pochek- 170-180 mg%.

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