The prognosis of a patient with diabetes mellitus and arterial hypertension is determined not only by the severity of blood pressure, but also by the risk factors .

The clinical picture of hypertension is due to etiological factors and has the same clinical manifestations as in the general population. Often, patients with hypertension, especially with its “soft” form, do not complain, making it difficult to timely diagnosis and treatment. Sometimes headaches are the only complaint of the patient. Also, patients may be bothered by fatigue, decreased performance, angina-like pain in the heart area, a feeling of “interruptions” in the work of the heart.

When examining a patient suffering from diabetes mellitus and arterial hypertension, the doctor will ask the following questions: is a therapeutic correction of hypertension possible? Is there a lesion of target organs (brain, eyes, heart, kidneys, peripheral vessels)? Are there other risk factors (smoking, heredity)? What is the current level of control of diabetes and hypertension? Is surgical correction of hypertension required?

It must be remembered that some medications taken by patients can increase blood pressure and worsen the course of hypertension.

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