Hypogonadism WOMEN (GJ) – expressed frigidity, weak development or underdevelopment of lactic GOVERNMENTAL glands, genitals, ACS nym body hair , often amenorrhea, gipomenoreey , infertility, Infante uterus ism.

With moderate hypercorticism, along with menstruation and reproductive function, libido is not only preserved, but can also be significantly increased due to moderate androgen overproduction . which, along with estrogens, determine the degree of libido in women. In other cases, it preserves nenii fertility lowering etsya libido. This is observed with hyperestrogenism with relative androgen deficiency.


Reason hypogonadism female can be con stitutsionalnoy, Central hypothalamic, pituitary, ovarian howl , as a result of chromosomal ano Malia and debilitating diseases.

  •                Constitutional form of hypogonadism female often is hereditary characterized ter. In this case, sexual development occurs late, at the age of 16-17 years. Bone age is lagging behind, sex Noah puberty often crust Paet without treatment. If the ripening of the aforementioned occurs later Nogo period must produce endocrine-gynecological explores vanie and pathogenetic treatment.
  •                Hypothalamic hypogonadism female in pathogen Veronese often marked the defeat of the hypothalamic centers of infection, trauma, tumor, krannofaringiomoy and others ,. which leads to a deficiency of gonadotropin- releasing hormone (GT-RF) in the hypothalamus, therefore, secretion of gonadotropin hormone (GTG). Clinical forms of female hypogonadism of this nature are adiposogenital dystrophy.
  •                Pituitary hypogonadism female can about be in various combinations, depending on the nature of the violated Niya products pituitary Gorm new. Gipoproduktsiya gonadotropin (GT) in some SLE teas can proceed with dwarfism, in others – gigantism, etc. Often. A and dissociation of secretion of own gonadotropic hormone (TG), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) or luteinising hormone (LH), which leads to the failure generation estrogen newly in the body of women, resulting conductive amenorrhea, gipomenoree . The pas pathogenesis pituitary form can be included pituitary lesion scar inflammatory process in E, followed by calcification, compression chromophobe tumor.
  •                Ovarian form of hypogonadism female is due to dysgenesis of the gonads, ovarian inflammatory damage GOVERNMENTAL, neoplastic processes, rent -ray beams or removing them surgically.
  •                Other reasons. These include chronic debilitating Zabolev Nia: diabetes, chronic diseases of the kidneys, blood-forming organs, malformations of the cardiovascular system, zabole vanie adrenal hyper – and hypocorticoidism , as well as chromosomal anomalies are, Turner’s syndrome, and others
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