The last decade was marked by a new breakthrough in the study of genes encoding proteins involved in the regulation of blood pressure and vascular tone. The study of genetic predisposing factors for arterial hypertension in patients with diabetes mellitus is of great practical importance for identifying patients at risk for predicting vascular complications, for clarifying genetically determined pathogenetic mechanisms for targeted prevention and therapeutic tactics.

A group of employees of the department of macroangiopathy of the Diabetes Institute of the Endocrinology Research Center (Director Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Prof. I. Dedov, Director of the Institute of Diabetes, Professor Balabolkin M.I.) in collaboration with employees of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise GosNII Genetics ( Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Debabov VG) under the guidance of prof. Nosikov V.V. a study was conducted regarding the study of the genotype of patients suffering from type 2 diabetes mellitus and arterial hypertension in order to identify the possible relationship of a particular gene polymorphism with the manifestation of arterial hypertension in this category of patients.

205 patients with diabetes mellitus and arterial hypertension were observed (145 women and 60 men). The average age was 59 years. The average duration of diabetes was 9 years. Arterial hypertension was registered in the observed patients long before the onset of diabetes mellitus.

Along with the traditional clinical and instrumental study, the ACE gene was typed using a polymorphic marker located in intron 16 and representing two-allele polymorphism of the Insertion / Deletion type, according to the Latin abbreviation called polymorphism I / D, angiotensinogen gene at loci 174 and 235, and chymase gene using polymorphic marker A (-19 03) G , gene of heart chymase .

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