Skin color based on the amount of sunlight

Basic – the skin is an organ of the body, no more and no less. The skin and its color do not affect intelligence and the ability of a person to come up with a bow or a nuclear reactor. Intelligence is a complex set of reasons, skin color is like the shape of eyebrows or the shape of a leg, skin does not belong to intelligence. There are Udmurts and Chukchi in Russia. With all the seemingly wild difference, these are still relatives, like all people on earth. And if our ancestors lived like gorillas in a small range until now, we would hardly be distinguished. However, our ancestors scattered from Africa all over the planet.

The ancestors of the Chukchi came to the present Chukchi Territory. Ideally the ideal place for the skin to turn white? Well, yes, if you look superficially at the question. However, it will never be so, the environment around him always acts on a person, and not one thing. The Chukchi Territory is something the size of France and Germany, even bigger. As a result, you can find different Chukchi there. But let’s say the Chukchi reindeer herders are much darker than the average Russian or Scandinavian. The reason is simple – despite the terrible cold and reindeer with lichen, there is plenty of sun! On half of Chukotka, solar radiation is no less than in the Voronezh region or Samara.

From this, the skin constantly experiences an abundance of light and it is. The first photo and the second are hunters, they are, in principle, almost always on the street. Hence a much darker complexion than even the average Japanese.


But I want to note that these are Chukchi reindeer herders, and they are not all Chukchi there. There are those who live right along the sea coasts. And vice versa, there is very little sun, there are many cloudy days and the skin of the Chukchi there is lighter. But she will be ” darkened ” by the relationship between the Chukchi. The people are small and this is the norm when nomadic reindeer herders mix with permanently sedentary marine Chukchi. The Russians and, say, the Udmurts did not have this, they all lived in approximately the same climatic reality and mixed with people similar in skin color. The Chukchi, in principle, do not resemble anyone, like the Mongoloids, but in fact they are almost a separate race with their own characteristics.

Plus they are the human version of super predators, they are naturally capable of eating up to 300 – 500 grams of pure fat per day, in addition to meat and berries. This is a murder even for the hardest Ukrainian – a fat lover. Any Caucasian liver and pancreas will refuse such food. Plus the Chukchi ferment walrus and bird meat and eat almost pure poison, but they need vitamins and they get them. In fact, this is not even a different race, but a clear subspecies of people. Here lies another reason for the dark complexion. In such food as the Chukchi full of vitamin D (the same sunshine vitamin – they always ate a lot of fish, animal liver, a lot of eggs so natural selection did not kill the Chukchi, which were dark, poorly received sunlight and lived with. Etmo in cloudy climates the coast of Chukotka They were rescued and are rescued by extremely specific dietetics.

But the Udmurts could not and cannot. In the forests where they live there is less sunlight. Although solar calories, in principle, are enough, but not enough to keep the skin dark. Plus, and this is the most important thing, there are no rivers with spawning sea fat fish, no herds of deer, no whales and walruses in Udmurtia. It turns out that the ancestors of the Udmurts, themselves being half Mongoloids with dark skin, ended up living in dense forests. It is cold around, often cloudy, and at the same time you have to constantly move among the trees, and they, of course, barely let the sun through. The lack of vitamin D was not replenished with food, which means that those people who did not have fair skin to absorb light were dying. That’s how the way out, like the sun and enough, but around another natural reality, the Chukchi weeks.

Plus, the Udmurts are people living not on the outskirts of the world, around them, in principle, there was always someone to turn love with, from Tatars to Mari and Mordovians. And the same Mari live in general to the north and are “engaged” in light skin even more . The food of the Udmurts is not abundant in meat, until the 20th century they were forced to survive from the forest – any berries, mushrooms went to the table. They simply have nowhere to graze large herds of cows and sheep, winters are long and harsh, there is a lot of snow, and there are few steppe areas. Actually there is nowhere to roam. Even after only the 20th and 21st centuries, Udmurtia is on average 50% covered with forests, plus rivers, streams, swamps.

The carriers of red hair were clearly mixed with the Udmurts, and these are almost always people with fair skin, especially if they live in Europe. Only the Chukchi came to the Chukchi, such are the simple things.

Hence the Udmurts have a very interesting appearance. Sometimes there are obvious Mongoloid features, sometimes almost completely Caucasian stands before us. But the skin is almost always really light, sometimes whiter than that of the Russians.

So it turns out that not only one sun can become swarthy. If you live in dense forests this is one thing, but having the same amount of sun but living in the steppe, you will be darker at the level of genes. The steppe peoples usually have a much better deal with meat, and sometimes it dominates like the Mongols. Means more vitamin D from food, which means natural selection and epigenetics will not “kill” those who have dark skin, even if the sun is low.

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