The cardiovascular system

The clinic of the lesion of the cardiovascular system is caused by the duration and severity of hypothyroidism.

The greatest changes come to light at expressed and it is long current forms. Changes in the cardiovascular system are always observed and are due to a deficiency of thyroid hormones .

Clinical signs of damage to the cardiovascular system:

  • cardialgia, typical attacks of angina pectoris are possible;
  • cardiac arrhythmias – in the overwhelming majority of patients bradycardia, extrasystolic arrhythmia, and only 5-10% of patients have tachycardia (probably due to anemia and severe circulatory failure);
  • increase in the boundaries of the heart (due to the development of myocardial dystrophy and cardiomegaly, as well as hydropericardium). Effusion into the pericardial cavity is detected using echocardiography in 30-80% of patients in an amount of from 15 to 100 ml or more; pericardial fluid is rich in cholesterol and protein;
  • deafness of heart sounds, intense systolic murmur in the apex of the heart;
  • in severe myocardial damage and severe hydropericardium, circulatory failure develops;
  • on ECG except bradycardia, a low voltage of the teeth, a decrease in the ST segment down from the isoline;
  • arterial pressure is increased in 10-50% of patients, in others it may be normal or low. The causes of hypertension are increased peripheral resistance, decreased production of atrial natriuretic factor, increased sensitivity of the arterial wall to the vasoconstrictor action of catecholamines.
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