The Russian vaccine arrived in Hungary. Charity at someone else’s expense

One of the main topics of domestic pro-state media – the Russian vaccine against COVID-19 “Sputnik-V” began to arrive in Hungary. But not everything is clear – the bad leaders of the EU are trying to ban Hungary from being vaccinated with this vaccine. Ay- yay – yay , what bad!
In total, the fact that Russia is supplying its vaccine to other countries (including those supporting anti-Russian sanctions) is good, and the actions of the EU leadership trying to prevent these supplies is bad.

I have one question here – have they already been vaccinated in Russia? Maybe the Russian vaccine should be used primarily for those Russian citizens who want to be vaccinated? What is our government – Russia or Hungary?

Domestic traditions include a high value of disinterestedness and self-sacrifice, one of the examples of heroism is the literary character Danko, who tore out his heart to illuminate the way for lost fellow tribesmen, or Sailors, who covered the enemy pillbox with his chest. However, they sacrificed themselves. And for their own. If Danko tore the heart out of his fellow tribesmen (without their consent), so that the Hungarians would have more fun, or Matrosov would throw his fellow soldiers into the embrasure of his pillbox so that they would not shoot at the Hungarians, then it would be called a completely different word.

local_offerevent_note January 1, 2021

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