The secret of successful New Year’s decisions is going through doors

The beginning of the year is the best time to formulate plans and goals for the future. And advice from recognized experts will not interfere with this. We have previously published translations of Oliver Amberton’s articles that can be used to improve personal effectiveness. And now – to your attention another material written by the author specifically for those who in 2015 decided to radically change their lives! The secret to making decisions that actually come true is also the secret to making a movie hit. So let Oliver teach you how to create a hit movie (or turn your life into a thrillingly successful blockbuster). At first, our hero lives his usual life. We wouldn’t watch this for too long, but fortunately, in all good stories, the hero has to walk through the door. The door is something irreversible: once you have passed through it, you cannot return. So, in The Matrix, Neo chose the red pill. In Gravity, the space shuttle shattered into small pieces. And in The Shawshank Redemption, an innocent man was sentenced to life in prison. The door is the tipping point where the story begins. It puts the hero on a path that he cannot avoid, and psychological stress forces us to continue watching. Near the end of the story, our hero must go through the second door, which is also one-way. But it takes determination and commitment. Passing through this door guarantees the ending, whatever it may be. Our hero must defeat his sworn enemy, or catch up with his love at the airport, or defend his desire to dance despite the disapproval of his parents.

This is the formula for almost every story ever told, because it works. Once you enter the door, you cannot go back. Now let me tell you what a bad movie is. Our unfortunate hero wakes up late one December morning and looks in the mirror. “Oh my God,” he sighs, looking at his fat reflection. “In the new year,” I swear, “I will lose weight!” And then he updates his status on Facebook, buys Runner’s World magazine and goes to the gym three times. The end. If you want to make a decision (a real decision!), You have to go through the door. The resourceful, determined part of you may be overwhelmed, but you know it won’t stop you. The lazy, stupid, reflective part of yourself you will take control later, when the air is cold and you feel a little sick, and if you don’t think of something to get this naughty child out of bed, you will lose.

You are already doing this, by the way! School, for example, is a door through which you cannot help but pass, which is why you attend so successfully. It’s the same with your job, as well as your wedding and kids. Doors are irreversible and obligatory, and our society is based on them.

So do you really want to start your own business? Try to quit your job to provide the motivation you need. Do you want to lose weight? Sign up as a participant in a marathon after 9 months in an interesting country abroad and book plane tickets that cannot be returned. Or, if this is too difficult for you, start engaging in team activities with a specific schedule, leaving which, you will let others down. Feelings of guilt will support you when the will weakens.

Don’t go to Facebook to announce your decision. This will provide a short-term boost to your ego (“Look at me! I’m so cool!”), But it won’t make much of an impact on your behavior (some friends will remember your promise or be so tactless that they take you at your word).

Involve your friends in every way, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself.
And, most importantly, do not make a mistake – do not think that just words about what you want will lead you to the goal. Almost everyone fails with their New Year’s resolutions, which is almost as surprising as the fact that the words of the Avada Kedavra spell don’t actually kill people. Words by themselves do not help the conceived come true. Try walking through the door instead. And win the game called “Life” (how to do it – here).

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