•               Treatment of obesity is largely confined to restrict energy intake (Calories), mainly due to carbohydrates and fats. Equally important is the intelligible yasnitelnaya work, the suggestion about not necessity daily decline ka Lauragais food. In the initial period, there are certain difficulties, but soon the patients get used to sub -calorie diet.
  •                Eat at least 4 times a day. This is important, because in rare eating fat deposition in Ms rovoy tissue increases. Food should be rich in vitamins.
  •                On significant therapeutic exercises and massages . Massage mobilizes fats from the depot and promotes their combustion.

Obesity that develops at an early age, the so-called hypercellular form, is usually difficult to treat . It was found that in obesity the number of fat cells Ost etsya unchanged, but they hundred novyatsya fat, increase in volume.
When obesity that developed at an early age, the fat cells will multiply are ( hypercellularity form) .. Therefore, to avoid this first obesity should be treated with the most on chala its origin, from early childhood.

  •                Appointed by the anorectic and lipolytic drugs – dezopimon , terenak ( teronak ), as well as tireoidin. Young men are prescribed anabolic drugs.
  •                Of fi zioterapevticheskih procedural water treatment, power shower, swimming.
  •                EC whether obesity is caused by dysfunction of the endocrine glands ( hypo tireoz, hypercortisolism ), the Provo ditsya appropriate treatment.
  •                At cerebral forms besides que you are appointed on the testimony about tivovospalitelnye agents , anti- biotics, biyohinol , radiotherapy diencephalic area.
  •                For the treatment of obesity that is resistant to dietary therapy ( nekorregiruemoe ), proposed surgical treatment, the essence of which consists in the resection of the small intestine length of 0.5 to 2 meters or bypass time intestinal individual The results tat surgical treatment is considered auspicious.
  •                In obesity adrenal type D mended radiotherapy (y- irradiation for sign field hypothalamus ), with menstrual disorders CEC la – estrogen followed desig cheniem progesterone. With obesity about ovarian origin it is recommended to sweep -inflammatory therapy with respect to pain Shimi doses of estrogen. When on lichii inflammatory processes – their treatment.
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