What to eat in the fall: 10 healthy seasonal foods 

FOR HAPPINESS, SEASONAL FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ENDS WITH SUMMER – and many of them are just the most delicious and juicy autumn. We will tell you what foods are best to choose now in order to get more vitamins, minerals and fiber. Save this list as a note so that you can easily use it in the store or in the market.       


Today, the health benefits of apples are backed by scientific research. These fruits contain vitamin C, B vitamins, potassium, phosphorus, fiber and other nutrients. These components lower the level of LDL cholesterol (also called “bad”), reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and ischemic stroke , Alzheimer’s disease and even cancer .

It is believed that autumn apples (there are also those that ripen in summer and winter) are the most delicious and healthy. We have no evidence to support the second fact, but you will be able to make sure of the first in a few weeks – when the crop is harvested. Autumn apple varieties include “autumn striped”, “cinnamon striped”, “borovinka”, “bolotovskoe”, “scarlet anise”, “baltika”. In the kitchen, you can do a lot of manipulations with them: make jam , fry pancakes, make the perfect cake according to Martha Stewart ‘s recipe , bake with oatmeal or cinnamon (and you can forget about scented candles for at least a couple of days). And if you don’t like pastries and desserts, add apples to sausages , pork chops, or red cabbage salad.

Brussels sprouts

Frozen Brussels sprouts are sold all year round, but fresh appears on the markets and in supermarkets only in October. As it contains a lot of vitamins, such as K, C, A, manganese, dietary fiber and folic acid – the latter is particularly important when preparing for pregnancy and on its initial stage.

Brussels sprouts are distinguished not only by their small size, but also by their sweet-nutty taste; Larger heads of cabbage can taste bitter, but cooking, lemon juice and other seasonings will easily correct this and soften the taste. This vegetable is an excellent side dish for fish or meat, usually steamed or stewed. We also offer to go further – and bake the cabbage in the oven, for example with honey or with apples and bacon . Or even cook from her vegan cream soup .

Sweet potato

Scientists believe that sweet potatoes began to be grown about five thousand years ago, but it hit the shelves of Russian stores not so long ago. Because of this, people know almost nothing about the sweet potato and pass by it, but in vain. The main advantage of sweet potatoes over regular ones is that they are rich in vitamin A (only one medium-sized potato contains about four daily doses of this vitamin) and has a low glycemic index – that is, it does not sharply raise blood sugar levels, is absorbed slowly and for a long time saturates. At the same time, both types of potatoes contain potassium and vitamin C.

It is not worth taking the first sweet potato that comes across – choose a hard fruit, without cracks or dents, small or medium in size. Store sweet potatoes in a cool, dark, well-ventilated place for no longer than two weeks. You can make almost everything from sweet potatoes as from ordinary potatoes: bake in the oven, make soup or mashed potatoes , make chips or fries . But thanks to its sweet taste, it can be safely used for desserts and pastries: muffins with chocolate, brownies , waffles or donuts .


Everyone loves pomegranate juice, but no one loves peeling pomegranates – although it’s actually not that hard and time consuming. Besides, pomegranate is a very healthy fruit. One cup of grains contains approximately seven grams of fiber, 30% of the daily value of vitamins C and K, 16% of the daily intake of folate and 12% of potassium. The fruit is rich in antioxidants –

polyphenols and anthocyanins – which protect cells from damage. In theory, all of these substances help lower blood pressure, prevent cardiovascular diseases, prostate and breast cancer .

Picking a ripe pomegranate is no easier than peeling it. Here is a quick guide to help you find a tasty and ripe fruit: the fruit should be heavy, this reflects the juiciness of the grains; the shade of the peel (pink, red, brown) is not important, but the deeper the color, the better; ripe pomegranate in shape resembles a cube rather than a ball; the peel should be soft, smooth and intact (no dents or scratches). Pomegranates can be eaten fresh – just like that or added to tuna salad, morning porridge or smoothies . You can make sparkling margarita or sangria ; if you prefer soft drinks try pomegranate tea .


The cauliflower season starts in September – and this should be taken advantage of. This vegetable contains few calories (25 per 100 grams) and many nutrients, such as vitamins C, K, B6, potassium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, folic acid, fiber and choline (cauliflower is one of the few foods that contain it ). Lack of the latter substance is quite common in people, but it is better not to allow this – choline performs many important functions in the body. For example, it maintains the integrity of cell membranes, participates in DNA synthesis and normalizes metabolism. And yet he plays no significant role in brain development and the production of neurotransmitters – the chemicals involved in the transmission of information between neurons.

You can cook cabbage not only steamed (it’s boring and not always tasty). Chefs and food bloggers have come up with many other options: make a puree soup or bake with spices and add as a side dish to fish or poultry. Perhaps the most unexpected thing that can be made with cauliflower is a pizza base .


Although grapes are sold all year round, the season in Russia begins in August and lasts until the end of October. There are many grape varieties, it is pointless to list them – try different ones and look for the one that you like best. Polyphenols and potassium are good for the heart and help prevent hypertension. And the antioxidant resveratrol may be effective in treating acne.

If you are not going to master the art of winemaking just yet, there are many other, easier ways to use grapes in the kitchen. Try baked grape panna cotta and add berries to salads like chicken and Greek yogurt . And if you don’t feel like getting lost in the kitchen, make toast with grapes and ricotta. You can just freeze the berries .


This orange fruit ripens towards the end of October. Choosing a persimmon that will not knit your mouth is not an easy task. Look for soft, thin skin and dry stalks. The “king” variety is a safe bet, it is always sweet and not astringent. Persimmon contains a lot of vitamin A, which is important for maintaining immunity, proper functioning heart, lungs, kidneys and other organs. The fruit also contains such important pigments for eye health as lutein and zeaxanthin. In a study involving 102,046 people, it was found that lutein and zeaxanthin inhibit the development of age-related macular degeneration, a disease in which visual acuity decreases.

You can make dozens of different appetizers from persimmon – for example, make a dessert with Greek yogurt and pistachios, wrap persimmon slices in jerky ham, or put pieces of baked fruit on toast with brie cheese . Another “quick” dish with persimmon is a salad with arugula, almonds and parmesan. And if you like unusual tea and would like to prepare it yourself (and spend half an hour on it), here is a recipe for a warming drink.


Daikon outwardly resembles a large white carrot, and it tastes much softer than a radish or radish. The main reason why daikon should be in your grocery basket is its high vitamin C content: 22 milligrams per 100 grams of root vegetable (the daily intake of vitamin C for women is 75 mg, for men – 90 mg). Vitamin C is involved in the biosynthesis of collagen , a protein that forms the basis of connective tissue and is involved in wound healing. But for a fall cold, don’t rely on daikon: studies show that taking vitamin C (200 mg per day) will speed up your recovery by as little as eight percent .

Usually daikon is grated and added to salads, for example, with mango and mint , or vegetable spaghetti is made from it . Don’t like the taste of fresh daikon? Extinguish it with the meat, bake slices in the oven without a large amount of oil or make curry .


In Russia, feijoa is grown in the Krasnodar Territory, the season begins in November. The fruit has a specific taste , rather sour and not everyone likes it , but if you have never tried them, go to the market in November and buy at least a little. Feijoa fruits are rich in vitamins C (32.9 mg per 100 grams – almost half the daily value for women), E, ​​K, A, group B. In addition, they contain iodine, copper, manganese, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium and have powerful antimicrobial properties.

The best thing that can be made from feijoa is jam , and besides , it is not as difficult as it seems, and will take no more than an hour. You can bake crumble with feijoa , which is better served with vanilla ice cream – before you know it, you will eat everything from the plate (or maybe straight from the baking sheet).


Pear varieties, like apples, are divided into summer, winter and autumn varieties . The latter include the variety “Veles”, “Dekanka”, “Zabava”, “Rogneda”, “Dukhmyanaya” and others. Autumn pears have a juicy taste and are stored for a long time – at least a month. Pears are an excellent source of fiber, potassium, according to a major systematic review and vitamin C. In addition, having pears in the diet can improve gut health, prevent constipation, and even reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and stroke.

Pears go well with many products, so they can be added blindly almost anywhere – they are unlikely to spoil the taste of the dish . If you do not want to rely on luck, but follow the exact recipes, first of all, it is better to prepare the famous French dessert tart from pears . More complicated – a pie with pears, red wine and rosemary. Pears can be baked in the oven with honey and cinnamon. And yet this fruit salad is excellent, for example with greens and walnuts or c arugula and prosciutto .

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