“You’ve got a bucket there”: How women are taught to train “intimate muscles” and why it is dangerous 

“EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE VAGINAL TRAINERS , along with a toothbrush, ” says an instructor of one of the Moscow centers of sexual skills. – No doctor will tell you about the need for intimate training; it looks like a conspiracy of gynecologists who, looking at you, say that everything is fine, but omit that your intimate muscles are flabby and wrinkled, like the skin on an old woman’s face. “ 

This is one of the largest training centers in Moscow, which is proud of its connections with foreign sexologists, hangs certificates on the walls and insists that their sex shop is almost the only one in the city where dildos are “not fake” and are made of “truly safe »Silicone. I am sitting at the training and waiting for when I will finally be taught to train “intimate muscles”. But the presenter sometimes tells how dangerous the wrong approach to classes is, then advertises other programs of the center.

The rest of the lesson we are presented with a “unique” method of pumping up “intimate muscles” and they say that only it guarantees health and orgasms, and everything else is wumbling , vaginal eggs (“we are not chickens, girls!”) And even simple squats in the gym – allegedly accompanied by a high risk of uterine prolapse. The technique presented by the center, which promises results in twenty-eight days, is based on the use of a myostimulator – a device that tones muscles by acting on them with weak current discharges. True, in the manuals that were given to us, several exercises with vaginal balls were described. I asked if just them would be enough.

“Only if you practice every day for four months, but no one has succeeded in this yet,” the presenter replied. In general, the exercises were of an accompanying nature. We were promised that with their help we will learn to control the muscles, but only a muscle stimulator can strengthen them. If you want strong muscles, buy an expensive device with dubious efficiency. The rest of the training, in addition to advertising other courses, was devoted to psychological manipulations, pushing for any expenses, just to solve problems that actually do not exist, and as a result, become loved, desired and happy.

From the words of the instructor, one could conclude that happiness is available only to women who own Thai massage, deep blowjob techniques and, of course, with trained muscles, which can “suck in a non-erect penis, chew it inside and spit it out standing.” This is not the first training where I heard that with the help of proven sex techniques you can not only lure, but also tie, fall in love, marry a man to yourself, and then not be afraid of betrayal. We were told about Thai women, whom rich men marry for sexual skill, and that mothers teach them to control the muscles of the pelvic floor literally from the age of five – it seems that the coach saw extremely good in sexualizing children.

Waving in front of the students with a myostimulator, which “only today” is sold at a 20% discount, the presenter moved to a new level of persuasion. She described how one man practically dragged his wife, who had just given birth, by force, causing her muscles to lose elasticity.

“He shouted to her right in the lobby: ‘Come on, let’s go to rock your bucket!’ You girls, of course, can say that he is bad and humiliated her in front of everyone, but isn’t that her fault? She must understand that he is a man and wants good sex, ”the presenter summed up. If at first we were taught that we would be appreciated more for our sexual skill , then further hints went that without this skill we risk being less loved.

And finally, another set of arguments: health. An endless number of pseudo-facts from the female anatomy rained down on us, after which everyone unbearably wanted to “take care of themselves”. We were told that “gynecological aging begins” at the age of twenty-one, after which the muscles become sharply flabby and become loose. “Don’t be offended, girls, but if you are over twenty-one, you have a bucket in there.” Amazing accuracy: it feels like everything is irreversibly changing right on the twenty-first birthday.

Of course, the muscles of the pelvic floor can actually lose tone – and, unlike the smooth muscles of the vagina, which do not lend themselves to conscious control, they can be trained. While regular exercise can promote orgasms, strong muscles are essential for health and wellness. Excessive stretching can cause, for example, urinary incontinence – often noted by women who have recently given birth when coughing or sneezing. Muscles lose tone as we age, and exercise can help maintain well-being and recover quickly from childbirth. However, the techniques offered in the courses can be ineffective and even unsafe.

In the Research Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology of VI Kulakov, a whole department is devoted to the issues of training the muscles of the pelvic floor; Inna Apolikhina, doctor of medical sciences, head of the department of aesthetic gynecology, says that at twenty-one, no “gynecological aging” occurs. The main factors of tone loss are childbirth and age (but much older than those mentioned by sex trainers). The doctor explains that the first symptoms may appear after forty years and later – although this is very individual, and even childbirth does not always lead to a loss of muscle elasticity: “It happens that a woman has several children, but the muscles and ligaments are elastic, and some complain of problems after the first birth ”.

As for the “wrinkles” in the vagina, these are not age-related changes; the structure of the vagina itself is folded, and this is not associated with age. Wrinkles can appear on the labia majora (of course, also not at the age of twenty), as well as on the whole body and face. According to Apolikhina, the stories that improper exercise will provoke uterine prolapse is a commercial move that has no scientific basis. The only problem with which girls come to the doctor after training conducted by a variety of methods is hypertonicity, that is, excessive muscle tension.

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