Graves’ disease and pregnancy

Graves’ disease and pregnancy

It is difficult to manage women with Graves’ disease during pregnancy. In the event that Graves’ disease is detected before pregnancy, then there is a personal systematization of treatment taking into account the reproductive plans of women, and optimal in this case will be prevention from pregnancy until the euthyroid status is reached and the antibody to the TSH receptor disappears. But life sometimes complicates our treatment regimens, as in the following clinical example. It should also be taken into account that the detection of Graves’ disease in a pregnant woman is not an indication for the interruption of pregnancy, requires adequate and timely correction of thyrotoxicosis under the supervision of an endocrinologist. The following is an appropriate clinical case.

Thyrotoxicosis is a clinical syndrome caused by a negative release of excess thyroid hormones on the body. The main cause of thyrotoxicosis among people of young and middle age is Graves’ disease.

In the USA, as the first method of treatment of this disease, the experience of domestic endocrinology and data of foreign authors show that in about 70% of cases the treatment of Graves’ disease should be radical (surgical treatment or radioactive iodine).

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