Hair loss

The prospect of losing hair looks terrible, especially if you are a woman. Lush and shiny locks have always been a sign of health and beauty, a trump card for the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Abundant hair loss is always depressing. You start to look with horror in the foreseeable future, for fear of cardinal changes in appearance. The good news is that you can always stop or slow down this unpleasant trend.

Before giving in to panic, read the basic information on the daily rate of hair loss. So, the owners of thick red, chestnut or black hair leave painlessly with 75-100 hairs a day. For blondes with thin strands, the rate of deposition is even higher – 150 units daily. Also you can conduct a simple test. Pinch between your fingers a small string (about 60 units). Then slide your hand down, applying some effort. If you have 5 to 8 hairs left in your palm, this is normal. Worrying is necessary only when these indicators are exceeded. Next, we will voice the causes of hair loss, which we could not suspect.

The same hairstyle on a regular basis

Some women of fashion do not give rest to the laurels of the sexy Ariana Grande, whose distinctive feature is the ponytail – the hair gathered in a tight bundle at the back of the head. Some women like to weave or overload their hair with metal accessories and do not let them rest. These and other factors provoke so-called tension alopecia – a condition that arises from the constant contraction of the hair for several hours in a row over a long period of time. In this case, the nature of baldness depends on the version of the hairstyle. Reducing patches can form a horseshoe shape or resemble individual islets. Tight braids provide baldness along a number of weaving. Usually, natural hair growth resumes when you give your hair a rest. Also, do not forget about balanced nutrition and quality rest.

Hormonal imbalance

Hair loss is not always associated with external factors. The processes that occur in the body of a woman are also important. For example, hormonal imbalance can lead to a decrease in the level of hormones responsible for hair growth. To correct the situation, you need to understand the causes that cause these changes in the body. Check the endocrinologist, as well as the gynecologist for the detection of polycystic ovaries. Learn the list of side effects that your birth control pills have.

Hormonal contraceptives

Regular intake of hormonal contraceptives solves many problems. Tablets help women to plan fertility and significantly reduce pain symptoms during menstruation. When you regularly take birth control pills, you get rid of mood swings, and your face – from unwanted rashes. However, if you cancel hormonal therapy, it will immediately affect your appearance. According to experts, the beginning or the end of taking pills significantly affects the level of hormones in general. If you want to keep your hair, but are going to choose one of the oral contraceptive preparations, stop by those that are made on the basis of estrogen, not progestin.

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