Propecia is a drug for treating male pattern baldness.

The drug suppresses the excessive production of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone, which normally accumulates in hair bulbs. As a result, hair follicles undergo serious pressure, which is why they are damaged and die. Propecia helps in 95% of cases of male pattern baldness.


The drug should be taken with androgenic form of alopecia, when the insufficient density of hair is caused by hormonal imbalance. This generic drug helps men overcome the problem of alopecia. A highly effective pharmaceutical agent can be used by patients of different age categories. Health-improving effect of the drug is the hormonal effect of finasteride, which is part of the drug.


As a result of the systematic long-term use of the hormone-androgen, the rate of hair loss decreases, and the growth and development of new hair follicles is actively stimulated. The drug from alopecia (alopecia) causes not only the cessation of rapid hair loss, but also the stimulation of the growth of new, thicker and healthier hair.


Propecia fights against alopecia parietal and frontal parts of the head. In the course of prolonged hormonal stimulation, the medicament causes the restoration of cellular nutrition, the acceleration of metabolic processes within the follicles, and increased cell division.


Generic saves men from hereditary form of baldness, working exclusively on hair follicles. The pharmaceutical substance is characterized by an increased degree of safety and does not have persistent side effects.


Form of release of the medicine


The drug is made in the form of tablets. In one pellet is 1-5 mg of active ingredient. Producers produce Propecia pills of various shapes and colors. Especially popular are large packages with 90-120 tablets.


Indications for use


The main indication for the use of a pharmaceutical substance is genetically determined androgenetic alopecia, which occurs in 95% of cases of male pattern baldness. This violation of hormonal origin is characterized as a pathological hair loss in men.


This type of baldness occurs in the region of the frontal and parietal parts of the head. The reason for the decrease in the thickness of the hair cover is an overabundance in the body of dihydrotestosterone. When the concentration of the active form of testosterone in the blood increases, this substance accumulates in the hair follicles. An increase in the content of dihydrotestosterone in hair follicles provokes a violation of their nutrition, thinning and discoloration of the hair.


A small bald spot begins to form on the man’s head. If the patient does not take timely measures to treat the hormonal disorder, there is a complete loss of hair follicles of their functions and bulb fusion with a connective tissue. As a result, baldness is sustained, the severity of the disease increases, which requires more active and prolonged therapeutic therapy.


Effect of the drug


Propecia is neutralized by the action of the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into an active form. Finasteride leads to a decrease in dihydrotestosterone in the blood and the preservation of a significant portion of the hair.


A drug substance slows hair loss in 85% of patients taking tablets. The use of the drug for at least a year leads to the formation of new hair in half of the patients with alopecia. When receiving drug therapy for 2 years, this indicator increases to 55% of men suffering from alopecia.


A noticeable increase in the density of the hair cover requires taking the drug for at least 3 months. The first hair that appears on the spot dropped out is observed six months after the start of the application of the tablets. The most active restoration of hair is observed in the region of the crown and in the areas adjacent to it.


To check the susceptibility of the body to the active components of the drug can be in the process of annual application. If the product has not produced visible results within 12 months, its use in the future will not lead to an increase in the quantity and quality of the hair.


Instructions for use


Drug substance take one tablet a day. The course of treatment includes a long period. On average, doctors prescribe medication for 1-2 years.


To help most men with alopecia, 1 mg finasteride per day is sufficient. However, 3-5% of patients do not experience significant improvements, so their dosage is raised to 5 mg per day. In this case, the medication is taken 5 times a day for one tablet.


Before the beginning of the treatment course the patient is required to undergo an examination with an endocrinologist. The medical specialist will appoint additional laboratory tests to clarify the hormonal state and correct the way to get rid of alopecia.


The use of Propecia tablets is allowed after the procedure for hair follicle transplantation. In this situation, medication will be aimed at restoring testosterone levels after follicle transplantation.




The substance for removing signs of androgenetic alopecia should not be used:

  • women and young men
  • persons who are hypersensitive to individual elements of the medicine
  • patients with prostatitis, developed in connection with urogenital infection
  • men with diseases of the endocrine system
  • persons with severe hepatic impairment
  • for men with uropathy

Side effects

The drug can cause a number of painful manifestations in the body of a man, including:

  • decreased sexual desire
  • decrease in the volume of semen during ejaculation
  • occurrence of an allergic reaction to the skin

Side effects develop infrequently and do not pose a danger to the patient’s health. They are temporary and completely disappear after the cessation of treatment.

If the drug is taken by a pregnant woman, which is contraindicated, the fetus may develop congenital anomalies.

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