Products that can not be consumed!

Poisonous foods that can not be eaten!

Many food products have long been produced from various chemicals. That’s why they do not spoil for months, they do not stale, they will not turn sour. In “civilized” countries, even cockroaches disappeared, not wanting to consume this …

Do not eat it! List of dangerous products

Now the process of increasing the share of harmful products reached its apogee. List of harmful products that can not be categorically used, they are dangerous to health!

“Food that the body does not digest, eats the one who ate it. Eat therefore in moderation … “Abu-l-Faraj

List of harmful products that can not be consumed! These products are not just harmful, but dangerous to health!

Glutamate sodium

Do not eat foods with the addition of E621 (sodium glutamate). Take the packaging of the goods in the store and read. If you specify glutamate sodium, do not buy it at all. Glutamate sodium is an enhancer of taste. Now it is added even in the most unexpected products, in order to “plant” on it the population. Be careful! Better use natural products: salt, sugar, pepper, etc. But glutamate – in any case!

Sugary substitutes

Although many sugar substitutes do not contain calories and are very economical (one plastic container replaces from 6 to 12 kg of sugar), but in spite of this, they should not be recklessly trusted. It turns out, having sensed a sweet taste, our esophagus thinks that now it will get a portion of carbohydrates: but they are not. After such a “deception”, any carbohydrates that enter the body within 24 hours after this “premise” cause a strong sense of hunger. No sugar substitutes can be consumed.

Trans fats

Oil 72,5% can not be eaten in any case. This trans fat is a low-grade vegetable oil, broken down by hydrogen. Oils less than 82.5% do not exist. If you can not find such oil, then it is better to eat vegetable. It is better to eat two spoons of natural butter than a whole pack or a kilogram of trans fats.

Lightly salted herring in plastic packages

Salted herring is stored only in oil. In no vinegar, wine is not stored. If the herring is without oil, it means that it has added urotropine.

Red caviar

The principle is the same. Red caviar is not stored for a long time. Only in the frozen form or strongly salted. If you sell slightly salted, then it is added, either urotropin or citric acid. Something else can be added, but the output still produces formaldehyde.

Genetically engineered products

Peanut. The petunia gene is implanted. Scary poisonous substance. And insects do not eat peanuts.

Green peas (canned)

Corn (canned).

Imported potatoes.

Crab sticks. (Crab essence mixed with soybean)


Corn sticks and cereal with sugar

If you buy corn flakes, chopsticks, they should only be NOT sweet. Because sugar is not used in production. Sugar burns at a temperature of 140 degrees. Therefore, the use of sugar substitutes, in this case, cyclamate.

Porridges and cereals with flavors and dyes identical to natural

These are chemicals that smell – the taste of pears, strawberries, bananas, etc. There is nothing natural here.

Lollipops, barberry

Now so strong a chemical essence is used, that if you leave a slightly soaked candy on the tablecloth, it will scour the tablecloth through, along with the varnish. Even plastic is destroyed. Imagine what happens to your stomach.


Nothing to do with what was under the USSR, the current marmalade does not. It’s just the wonders of the chemical industry. Deadly dangerous.


The most powerful antioxidants. You can never keep cherries in such a pristine state.

Fried potatoes in fast food and ready-to-eat

Now, antioxidants are used such that potatoes last a year and do not turn black. The same applies to fast food, shawarma, pies and even salads in McDonald’s …

Boiled sausages

They are from genetically modified soy. Sausages, sausages, boiled sausages, pates and other products with so-called hidden fats. In their composition, fat, interior fat, pork skin occupy up to 40% of weight, but are masked for meat, including with the help of flavor additives.


About any naturalness in this case in general it is not. It takes a thin neck and a kilogram of gel. Overnight in a special machine, the gel “rips” together with a piece of neck, and by morning it turns out a huge piece of “meat”. As such, meat in it is no more than 5%. All the rest – gel (karatinin, taste enhancers, color enhancers). Pink color is given to such “meat” by color amplifiers together with special lamps. If you turn off the lamps in the display window, you will see that the color is a green one.

Smoked sausage

As before, no one is already smoking. Used smoking liquids, in which again formaldehyde.

Dairy products of long shelf life (more than 2 months)

All that is stored for more than 2 weeks, you can not use. Aseptic packaging is a package with an antibiotic.

Mayonnaise in plastic packaging

Vinegar, which is in mayonnaise, although it should not be there, corrodes the walls of plastic packaging, releasing carcinogens. In plastic packaging you can put only neutral products.


If you swept 10 times, then on the 11th may not carry. Watermelon – is fertilized with such substances that it is the first candidate for poisoning.

Grapes that do not spoil

Grapes eat mushrooms on the vine. He had not yet been removed from the branch, and he was already eating mushrooms. Therefore, if you sell any kysh-mysh there and lies more than 5 days, you know, it is processed with chloroform and other serious antioxidants.

Pepper (off-season)

Absolutely genetically modified product. It can not be eaten by measure to those who suffer from inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, hemorrhoids, insomnia, mental disorders, epilepsy, kidney and heart disease. Pepper itself is included in the top ten products containing nitrogenous fertilizers, pesticides. And even if you only eat one such pepper, you may have health problems. Therefore, it is better to buy it exclusively during the growing season, namely in the summer and preferably grown in your areas of habitat.

Yeast bread and white bread

Using yeast bread, you eat mushrooms. Preference should be given to rye bread. Refined white flour of higher grades, like other refined products, confidently enters the top of harmful food. A “cut loaf” is not a full-fledged bread. This is a “muffin,” with all the consequences.

Purchased mushrooms, dried apricots, prunes, raisins

If you see a beautiful dried apricots or raisins, pass by. Think about what to do with it, to keep the apricot, as if she had recently come from a tree. Dried apricots should be ugly and shriveled.

Ice cream

Especially in specialized institutions such as Baskin Robins. Or foreign ice cream. Now it is virtually impossible to find ice cream made from milk. If you find somewhere real plombir from milk, then you can safely buy. Fruit ice cream – it’s bare essences, there is nothing natural in them.

Cupcakes in packages and rolls

They do not stale, do not deteriorate, do not dry, nothing is done with them at all. He will be a month. And in a month he will be the same.

Chocolate candies

90% of chocolate is not chocolate at all (dye substitutes). Chocolate bars. This is a huge amount of calories, combined with chemical additives, genetically modified foods, dyes and flavors. The combination of a large amount of sugar and various chemical additives provides the highest caloric content and the desire to eat them again and again.


In particular, men generally can not eat chicken. Because chicken is all on hormones. Chicken receives 6 female hormones, including progesterone. Therefore, if a man begins to eat female hormones, he naturally drops testosterone and to a level that can not be restored. The ram is the only animal that will not eat any hormones. Eat meat of non-commercial lines. Chicken is now the most commercial product!

Processed curds

Compared with hard cheeses, melted cheeses contain more sodium, which makes them undesirable food for people suffering from hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. They are absolutely not digested!

Instant coffee

Men generally can not! Categorically! There is a complete degeneration of the hormonal glands.

Flavored teas

Drink natural tea, in which nothing floats, there is no additional taste. All the flavored teas are with lemon acid, then with orange acid, then with some kind of acid there. Accustoming occurs instantly. We need to remove all acids from the body.

Refined deodorized vegetable oil

By the way, there is no refined oil, it does not differ in molecular structure from plastic, which occurs with it during the process of strong heating during refining. This oil slag the body and is the strongest carcinogen. For the same reason, you can not fry twice on the same oil, except olive … Refined oil can not be used raw in salads. On it you can only fry.

Ketchup, various sauces and dressings

In them, the high content of dyes, taste substitutes and GMOs in them, in addition, preservatives that protect these products from damage, disrupt the intestinal microflora, destroying and beneficial microbes in the body.

Potato chips

Potato chips, especially cooked not from whole potatoes, but from puree. In essence, it is a mixture of carbohydrates and fat, plus artificial flavoring.

Fast Food

Fast food products: instant noodles, instant soups, mashed potatoes, instant juices like “Jupi” and “Zuko”. All this is solid chemistry, harming the body.


Alcohol. Even in minimal amounts interferes with the assimilation of vitamins. In addition, alcohol is very caloric in itself. Talk about the effect of alcohol on the liver, kidneys, probably, and not worth it, you already know everything. And do not rely on the fact that a certain amount of alcohol is good. All this takes place only with a reasonable approach to its use (quite rarely and in small doses).

Sweet carbonated drinks

Sweet carbonated drinks – a mixture of sugar, chemistry and gases – to quickly distribute harmful substances on the body. Coca-Cola, for example, is a wonderful remedy for calcareous scale and rust. Think carefully before you send such a liquid into the stomach. In addition, carbonated sweet drinks are harmful and high concentration of sugar – the equivalent of four to five teaspoons, diluted in a glass of water. So do not be surprised that, quenching your thirst with such a soda, you’ll want to drink again after five minutes.

Strawberries in winter

Winter strawberries are an absolutely useless product. Not a single vitamin is there. This does not concern you, if you live, for example, in Israel, where the strawberry season is in winter.

Juices in packets

About any natural juices in this case it is not. There are NO natural juices on sale in packages. NO! Do not you dare to give them children! This is pure chemistry.

This is an exemplary list of products to be abandoned! This is not about not useful products, but rather dangerous.

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