Simple truths in relationships

A successful relationship between a man and a woman is a long and hard work that always depends on everyone in the couple. So remember. or rather, write down these simple truths that will help you make faster decisions and treat each other more carefully.

1. Not a single person on your life path has been met by you in vain.
Every day we meet new people and from each meeting we bring out something important for ourselves. Someone tests us, someone uses and teaches a lesson, someone helps us to acquire new skills, and someone makes us better – and this is the most valuable thing.

2. In a relationship, you get what you give.
Do not expect that in response to whims, accusations and insults, you will receive smiles, hugs and declarations of love. If you want understanding, try to understand yourself. Everything comes back – it’s a simple formula that works at all times.

3. No need to fight for a place in a person’s life.
You will not be cute forcibly – many people forget this simple and very wise truth. Never try to carve out space for yourself in another person’s life. After all, you cannot know for sure whether he needs it.

4. All people change, and that’s okay.
People’s needs, thoughts and even beliefs change over time. Therefore, if someone says that you have changed, do not be discouraged and do not look for flaws in yourself. Perhaps these changes, on the contrary, did you good. There is nothing wrong with the fact that your interests with a close friend may diverge, and communication – come to naught. It is better to occasionally send each other greeting cards and keep fond memories than trying to squeeze out of the relationship what is not left and accumulate irritation within yourself. Be sincere.

5. Relationships need to be worked on.
Relationships don’t build on their own. They require the active participation of all parties involved. Sincerity, reciprocity and respect are the foundations without which any relationship will collapse.

6. You need to be able to forgive.
Many people think that forgiveness is a sign of weakness. But the phrase “I forgive you” does not mean at all: “I am too soft a person, therefore I cannot be offended, and you can continue to spoil my life, I will not tell you a single word.” It means: “I will not allow the past to spoil my future and present, so I forgive you and let go of all insults.”

7. Arguing is a waste of time.
The less time you spend swearing with people who annoy you, the more time you have to spend with people you love. If a dispute has occurred between you and a loved one, control yourself. Don’t let anger take over you, or you may say words that you will be ashamed of for the rest of your life. Sometimes one careless word can ruin a strong relationship.

8. You cannot change another person.
A person is able to change only himself, but in no case someone else. Therefore, you must learn to perceive people close and dear to you as they are. If something does not suit you fundamentally, be honest and say it directly. Perhaps the person you love wants to change for you.

9. The absence of some people in your life can be good for you.
Don’t be afraid to change your environment. You need to be able to let go of those people who bring discomfort into your life. If lately you have received only betrayal and insults from your once best friend, you need to stop clinging to the past and break off the relationship.

10. Appreciate the people around you.
Do not forget to tell your loved ones how dear they are to you. Give them enough attention. Your relationship may end someday, but even if something doesn’t last forever, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth wasting time on.

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