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Not many of us appreciate the importance of drinking clean water. Our brain is 95%, lungs 90%, blood 82% water. Water is one of the most important sources of health, development and growth. Lack of her body leads to chronic fatigue, and satiety has a beneficial effect on the work of our entire body as a whole.

The benefits of clean water

Healthy skin

Drinking plenty of water will reduce wrinkles and prevent them from acquiring much better than any expensive cream.

Healthy bones and teeth, promotes muscle growth

Pure water strengthens teeth and bones, makes joints healthy. Water is needed to supply our muscles with all the nutrients and minerals. Water promotes the formation of protein and glycogen. It is very important to drink plenty of water in order to show the best results during your workout.

Since our muscles are made up mostly of water, a lack of water prevents the muscles from contracting properly, which leads to a deterioration in muscle tone.

Whereas sufficient water saturation prevents cramps.
Many people underestimate the importance of water during exercise. Lack of water leads to decreased energy, cramps, weakness, fatigue, and decreased stamina.

Improves the digestive effect

Pure water helps the stomach to digest food, assimilate nutrients and minerals, this is especially important for weightlifters, as they consume a huge amount of food, including vitamins and minerals, and lose a huge amount of water during exercise.

Reduces fatigue

If the athlete does not drink enough water, it is more difficult for the dog to give all his best in the gym and show good results in training.

Reduces weight

Pure water naturally reduces appetite and increases the body’s ability to process stored fat. Research has shown that a lack of water leads to new fat storage, while sufficient water saturation, on the contrary, promotes the conversion of excess fat into energy.

Acts as a diuretic

Many people think that the more we drink, the more water we retain in the body. However, this is not at all the case. Even when we do not drink enough water, our body begins to work in the so -called “saving” mode, trying to conserve any drop of water. However, when we consume more water than necessary, the body begins to rapidly get rid of it, at the same time washing out unnecessary salts.

Reasons for water loss

  • drinking caffeine / alcohol (natural diuretics)
  • stress
  • hot weather
  • increased physical activity

It is very important to drink half a liter of water immediately after waking up. This is the first thing you should do in the morning. And remember to drink clean water cold! Cold water is absorbed faster and helps burn calories.

Good health to you!

Slimming diet

The Slimming Diet belongs to the category of low-calorie diets and is therefore very effective, but at the same time quite difficult. In addition, it is an express diet – it lasts only six days.

So, the slimness diet menu is very strict, and the diet is extremely poor. In my opinion, the diet, which we will talk about today, cannot be called “slimness”. After all, harmony is health and it is achieved by a healthy diet, and not by such severe nutritional restrictions that are present in this diet.

The menu of the first and second days of the slimness diet includes only two glasses of milk and two glasses of tomato juice per day. Divide four glasses of liquid into four meals – a glass of milk (2.5% fat) for breakfast, a glass of tomato juice for lunch, a glass of milk for an afternoon snack, and a glass of tomato juice for dinner. In addition to this liquid, drink about a liter of plain water without gas and several glasses of green tea without sugar.

On the third day of the diet, the menu is more complete – a slice of bread: rye or whole grain with butter and a teaspoon of honey for breakfast, one hundred grams of boiled chicken breast for lunch, two eggs for dinner (soft-boiled or fried in a non-stick pan without adding oil). Again, the restrictions are very tight – three meager meals a day is very hungry.

The fourth day is the same as the third, but, if desired, you can replace a portion of chicken breast with the same one-hundred-gram portion of low-fat boiled fish.

The fifth and sixth days of the diet are the easiest and most satisfying – because the number of fruits for dinner is not limited, and for lunch it is not indicated how many grams of salad can be consumed.

On these days, two apples or two oranges are eaten for breakfast. (you can have one fruit on one day, and another on another). For lunch, you need to make a vegetable salad without starchy vegetables (no potatoes, corn). You cannot fill the salad with anything.

For dinner, you can eat any fruit (except bananas), most importantly – in moderation. Again, keeping in mind the harshness of the previous days of the diet, I did not diverge much and allowed myself three small fruits for dinner.

The calorie content of the slimming diet turned out to be something like this:

  • The first and second day – 350 calories.
  • The third and fourth day – 480 calories.
  • The fifth and sixth days (for lunch – 200 grams of salad, for dinner I ate pear, tangerine and grapefruit) – 480 calories.

So, the average calorie diet I got about 415 calories.

After the diet, it is necessary to make an exit that will last too long due to an unnecessarily low calorie diet – the next day after the diet, you need to eat about 600-700 calories, and then gradually add 50-100 calories a day until the required calorie intake is reached.

For the full course of the diet – six days, my weight can be reduced by five kilograms.

Pros of the slimming diet:

1. Healthy products, simple meals.
2. Rapid weight loss.
Cons of the diet:
1. Constant hunger.
2. Too low calorie content, which leads to a breakdown.
3. Too little food, not enough vitamins.
4. Long way out of the diet.
5. Weight can return despite following the rules of the diet and getting out of it.

There are more disadvantages to this diet than advantages. Therefore, it is not recommended for anyone to sit on that diet, because under the name “Slimness” there may be other diet options that are more satisfying and healthy.

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