Symptoms of Thyroid Disease in Women

The main signs of problems and symptoms of thyroid diseases in women, treatment and prevention of these diseases correspond to those of men, except for cases of violations noted in the sexual sphere.

Unlike male patients, symptoms of thyroid problems in women are diagnosed much earlier and often because of their more attentive attitude towards their health and appearance, including the neck.

Depending on the occurring disorders in the thyroid gland in women, the signs of the disease can sometimes be completely opposite. For example, with an increase in the thyroid function (hyperthyroidism), weight loss, increased heart rate, diarrhea, etc., and in its dysfunction (hypothyroidism), on the contrary – weight gain, slowing of the heartbeat, constipation, etc. There is also quite frequent inflammation and an increase in the thyroid glands in women, symptoms of the disease of the nodes of this organ and the appearance of goiter.
Symptoms of the disease in women with similar pathologies are often accompanied by compression of the trachea, and then to the other negative manifestations of the disease can be added cough with thyroid, pain, shortness of breath, a feeling of a coma in the throat. Signs of thyroid gland in women with its increase can be seen with the naked eye or feel independently, but what negative consequences of thyroid disease in women can arise in this or that case can only predict a qualified endocrinologist.

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