Symptoms of Thyroid Disease in Men

The characteristic symptoms of thyroid disease, in addition to negative manifestations in the sexual sphere, do not depend on gender. Depending on the pathology of the thyroid gland, the signs of a disease (hypofunction, hyperfunction, inflammation of the thyroid gland, etc.) are almost identical for both men and women. It is worth noting that the symptoms of the disease in men, both actually the diseases themselves, are much less common and according to statistics for 10 women suffering from thyroid pathologies, there are only 1 man with a similar disease.

Specialists-endocrinologists give several definitions to this fact, among them the belated diagnosis of diseases is the first place because of untimely treatment of men to the doctor, since the main initial symptoms of problems in men (37,2-37,5 body temperature, fatigue / excitability, frequent / slowing of the heartbeat, weight changes, etc.) can easily be attributed to fatigue or mild discomfort. In such cases, whether there are problems for men with thyroid cancer can be established only by an endocrinologist, to whom the strong sex, unfortunately, is drawn last. It is due to the later diagnosis of thyroid abnormalities in the male half of the population, their therapy is complicated and takes longer, and in everything else is no different from the treatment prescribed for women.

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