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Once the muscles of the eye stop working effectively, they need to start training. One of the most effective methods is laser stimulation, although I had a whole range of exercises. It all started with the LOT-01 ophthalmic device , designed to treat a large number of all kinds of sores. The device is a control unit with a screen, a dozen keys and replaceable “attachments”.

In my case, there was a SN-01 speckle attachment , it is also a red helium-neon laser with a high degree of temporal and spatial coherence (radiation wavelength – 0.63 μm, radiation power – 2 mW). I did not delve into the essence of the biological processes that take place when the radiation of such a laser interacts with the tissues of the eye, the most important thing here is the result.

I came every day and sat down … damn him … at the computer) I closed one eye, and brought a black laser tube with frosted glass to the other at a large angle. A couple of button presses and the glass starts to glow with static red dots – apparently, this is the very radiation. With an open eye, it was necessary to look at the monitor – there was a whole video sequence consisting of all sorts of epileptic pictures – yellow and blue circles, everything moves, moves, shakes – the rest of the rest. All this lasts for several minutes – if you look thoughtfully, you could feel a slight eye strain. Then all this had to be repeated with the second eye, closing the first.

After the laser on the computer, it was necessary to launch a “game” called “Spiders” – another horror of the ophthalmological office) An application from the last century, accompanied by eerie sounds from the system speaker – the point is to combine the centers of two “spirals”, one of which is mobile. Due to the large number of “rays”, it was sometimes quite problematic to do this, but after a couple of days all this was done almost with closed eyes. At the very end , an image of a spider and a handful of flies appeared on the screen – oh yes, the developers have imagination;) On the other hand, this is for children.

Being a person who constantly carries a USB flash drive with me, I shamelessly copied these dos-applications, but for some reason none of them started in Win7 (there was XP in the hospital). You can try – here is the archive and the result of its scan by VirusTotal. The final stage of each session was an amazing piece, which is available on the Internet at the request ” Medoptika-TAK6.0 ” or “Trickle”) Gravitsappa is an oblong bar, at the beginning of which a large lens is installed, and behind it a set of light emitters. All this is intended to train accommodation by discrete sequential presentation of signs at a fixed distance from the eye – they are observed with one eye (monocular principle of action), while the other must be closed again.

In general, you look through this lens at the “washers” protruding from the bar – glowing letters (or some other images) appear on them. On all this, you need to try to focus your vision – if in a normal situation this is not difficult, then with the lens installed it is not so easy; at first I could not make out the symbols on the distant washers (where the image is the largest), but by the end of the course the eye seemed to be quite able to cope with this task. The glow interval is adjustable – at the fastest speed (when you only have time to realize that something has already lit up somewhere), the eye literally starts to ache from tension, which, in fact, was required. There are about 6 or 8 different programs of work – a very exciting thing and, as it seems to me, it was she who played the biggest role in my adventures.

Everything described above took 20 minutes a day, it was possible to enter the ophthalmologist’s office without a queue – the devices were in the next room and I did not bother anyone. Roughly speaking, he treated himself, because the intervention of a doctor was no longer required. Of the free alternatives – the same eye exercises, the description of which is limited to the vast majority of articles about vision. All sorts of blinking, closing your eyes, etc. – I don’t want to repeat myself, you will find all this yourself without any problems. But if you advise some suitable unobtrusive program to remind you to do exercises, I will only be grateful – I do exercises, but sometimes I forget about it. Another plus of my workplace on the balcony is a beautiful endless view of the greenery and the Moskva River outside the window. A dot on the glass with a marker allows you to train “focusing” without looking up from the computer (even during the smallest pause, for example, when the interlocutor answers in ICQ) – a very cool exercise! Of course, not “Trickle”, but also as an option.

For those who do not have a window at the workplace, I can recommend one more simple exercise. Rub your palms hard against each other to make them feel hot … and immediately put them to your eyes (so that the light does not penetrate at all), after which, without removing your hands, try to look “into infinity” for a while – you can try right now 🙂


I lost a piece of paper from the re-examination, but some of the numbers there changed (I still get confused about them) – I still haven’t seen the “last line”, but without straining I began to see 1 or 2 lines better than initially. There is no longer any self-deception or self-hypnosis – fact is fact. In real life, this was verified by the very first trip in the metro – before, I did not see the signatures of stops on the map from the opposite side of the car, but now I read them quite clearly. On the road, it also became more comfortable – the navigator was still with me, but the signs (including number plates) became more readable. And, best of all, my eyes, eyelids and temples almost stopped hurting – even if I spend 12-15 hours at the monitor. By the way, if you want, I can tell you about memory training, thanks to which I quickly memorized the metro map and in the foreseeable future I want to learn a map of Moscow. Although this is, in principle, the most common mnemonic)

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