Can children not get sick?

Health can be easily saved by giving up vaccines and medicines

A story about how a simple experiment in one Moscow family was conducted, as a result of which the child gradually ceased to be ill and now practically does not suffer from anything for about three years. Classmates are ill as usual …

Can children not get sick?

Author – Alexander Gubenkov

Do children often get sick? Experts of the World Health Organization (WHO) explain: if your child-preschooler picks up infectious diseases 6-8 times a year – this is a sign that the immunity of the baby is developing normally. Pediatricians from different countries came to this opinion.

We are led to the idea that it is normal for a person to be sick, it is normal that the world of pathogenic pathogens is so strong and diverse that, despite the progress of medicine in recent years, it is not possible to cope with it. American epidemiologists have come to the conclusion that epidemics in the current decade are flaring up 4 times more than in the 1980s, and the number of diseases causing epidemics has increased by 20%.

Today, already as an epidemic, they say about such a disease, the existence of which was learned only about 70 years ago. This is autism, with the diagnosis of which almost every hundredth child in the United States and Great Britain lives today! There are many such examples.

Obviously, medicine absolutely does not justify the aspirations of people who hope to use it to somehow protect themselves from disease. But fortunately, as it turned out, it can be done without medicine! How? It’s very simple – you just need to raise the level of your child’s own immunity. How? Just have to stop it from oppressing!

The fact is that nature initially gave the person a very strong immunity, which allows him to practically not get sick. Especially if this immunity is fully perceived from the mother and not inhibited at birth: the pulsating umbilical cord was not pinched; Strong cellular poisons were not introduced into the blood in the first hours of a child’s life with vaccination; the adaptation mechanisms in the newborn to the extrauterine life were not violated in the maternity home; As a legacy from the hospital, the child did not receive staphylococcus (about 90% of modern maternity hospitals are infected with staphylococcus), etc. etc. But, unfortunately, there are almost no ideal situations in our world.

But, despite this situation, removing only the main depressing effects, you can achieve demonstrative results. A similar example is the experiment conducted in our family with our own child, as a result of which our child has ceased to be ill and has not been sick for almost three years! So that someone does not think that we are experimenting on our child, I will say that at first I spent it on myself and got a convincing result.

I also wanted to add that in the course of the experiment, no medications recommended by medicine or folk remedies that boosted the activity of the body’s immune system were used. Specifically, no diet, gymnastics, hardening, any immunostimulating, restorative or vitamin remedies (even of plant origin) was used. Simply the child lived in the usual mode, and not in the most favorable from the ecological point of view – the metropolis of Moscow. We, of course, tried to get the products that were least harmful to our mind and to use a balanced diet, but we understood that it is impossible to completely protect ourselves in the food in the megapolis. Therefore, fanaticism was not shown. Inflexibility, we showed in another … But, however, we must tell everything from the beginning and in more detail.

It all began on that unlucky day when the eldest daughter after another Mantoux test at school was brought home by an ambulance car with the words: “All children have a normal reaction, and your child has an abnormal. There was an anaphylactic shock (the body’s reaction to the introduction of an extra-terrestrial amount of an alien allergen) with a momentary loss of consciousness, so deal with your child yourself! ”

I, as a meticulous person, began to understand. I shoveled a lot of information and was extremely impressed that the test for tuberculosis – Mantoux test – is an introduction into the body of a number of alien substances: a weakened tuberculosis virus – tuberculin, which has strong allergenic properties; extremely toxic cellular poison – phenol; polisorbat Twin-80 with estrogenic (female sex hormone) effect, etc.! And this is all despite the fact that the Mantoux test absolutely does not have the reliability of the result. That is intoxication with the strongest poisons is guaranteed, and the result is not! What for? No answer! Why can not we simply take a person’s blood for analysis and test it for tuberculosis (as it is done, for example, for AIDS or some other disease) without harming the body and getting a 100% result? No answer!

A similar unrequited bewilderment arose in me when I began to study information on vaccination. The same introduction into the body of a large number of substances alien to the body for the creation of a very questionable, and even only temporary immunity to one disease, and the harm of poisons is applied to the whole organism!

This follows from the composition and mechanism of action of vaccines. That’s how they are produced. Strains (pathogens) of a particular disease are cultivated (cultivated, multiply) in a certain nutrient medium on biotissues, in most cases, not of human origin. By the way, later the particles of these tissues (foreign protein) get with the vaccine directly into the bloodstream (it is impossible to completely separate the obtained strains from the biotissue).

Then, in order to weaken the grown strains, they are affected by a strong biological poison, which subsequently, together with a weakened strain, also enters the bloodstream. Often, formaldehyde (formalin) is used for this purpose – a potent mutagen, a carcinogen and an allergen. It is used in vaccines: DTP, ADS-m, AD-m, against poliomyelitis, tick-borne encephalitis, hepatitis A, in some influenza vaccines.

Some vaccines are created using genetic engineering methods when genetically modified and recombined DNA and RNA viruses and create an antigen capable of inducing an immune response of the body (hepatitis B vaccine, against the flu, against the human papillomavirus).

As an adjuvant, a substance that increases the production of antibodies in the body, aluminum hydroxide is used. However, it is very toxic and allergic, can be the cause of the development of autoimmune diseases (the production of autoimmune antibodies against healthy body tissues). It is present in such vaccines as against hepatitis A, hepatitis B, DTP, ADS-m, AD-m, against tick-borne encephalitis.

To preserve the resulting mixture, most vaccines are used as a preservative of mercury (or thiomersal from Mercury), a mercury salt, a substance known to be good at preventing biological fluids from rotting. But Merthiolate is also a pesticide, the strongest allergen and cellular poison, affecting primarily the nervous system and the brain of a person, and which also gets into the blood of a person! To date, it is banned as a component of mass childhood vaccinations in the US, the European Union and some other countries. In our country, the mertiolate is used in vaccines against hepatitis B (the vaccine is administered in the maternity ward during the first 12 hours of the child’s life), DTP, ADS-m, AD-m, a vaccine against hemophilic infection, some vaccines against influenza and tick-borne encephalitis.

The negative impact of mercury compounds on the nervous system in the presence of aluminum hydroxide is dramatically increased many times, but despite this, they are together in vaccines such as hepatitis B, DTP, ADS-m, AD-m, in some vaccines against tick-borne encephalitis .

Thus, with substances such as aluminum salts, mercury salts, formaldehyde, phenol, antibiotics (neomycin, kanamycin), genetically modified organisms, various polluting biological substances and foreign proteins enter the human body. Unfortunately, nature has not foreseen that substances will enter the human body, generally not intended for that, and even parenterally, that is, immediately into the blood, bypassing all existing protective barriers of the body.

We felt that there were too many such substances to create a healthy immune system for the child and decided to look at how immunity would react to the cessation of the intake of all these substances in the body.

In childhood, most diseases are easily transferred, therefore in pre-Soviet Russia children were sent to visit sick children, so that the child became infected, became ill and acquired immunity as much as possible to the number of diseases, because the natural course of the disease creates a lifelong immunity in the body.

The youngest daughter at the time of this decision was about 4 years. We were obedient parents, fulfilled all the prescriptions of doctors – the main part of the inoculation calendar was passed more or less successfully. Well, the child especially did not stand out from his peers – he was sick 4-6 times a year. A child who is not sick at all, most likely, has a weak immune response, which means that worse diseases await him than a cold, the doctors explained.

In order to strengthen the effect of our experiment, at the same time we decided to abandon the antipyretic drugs, because we learned that the temperature is one of the most effective types of the immune response of the body to the disease. After all, as it turned out, most pathogens die at a temperature of 39 degrees! Starting to bring down the fever-reducing temperature at 38.5 °, as prescribed by the doctors, we, in essence, prevent the organism from giving a decent immune response to the pathogens. A folding of protein and blood occurs at a temperature above 42 ° and few people have the body can raise this temperature on its own. I have not found descriptions of such deaths, and there are many descriptions of recovery after high temperature. Subsequently, we ourselves became convinced of this when, after the flu was diagnosed by the doctor, his virus was burnt at 40.5 ° C in one night, and recovery came.

Our experiment to restore the child’s own immunity would not have been complete if we had not decided to gradually abandon such alien substances for humans as antibiotics. After all, they primarily violate the composition of the intestinal microflora, and the intestine is the largest organ that forms immunity. It is in the intestine that there is a lymphoid tissue that serves as the source of 70% of the lymphocytes that produce antibodies – immunoglobulins.

So, I will sum up, we decided to abandon the following achievements of modern medicine:

1. from cellular poisons and substances alien to the body (Mantoux test, vaccination);

2. From substances that depress immunity (antibiotics);

3. From substances that directly interfere with the body to fight diseases (antipyretics).

That’s all! We refused only, in our opinion, from the main factors interfering with the life of the organism. I repeat: no special diet, gymnastics, hardening, immunostimulation, etc. were applied.

As a result, we saw that the child began to get less and less sick. This happened for about 4 years. The control group in the experiment was first the children in the kindergarten group, and then the classmates, who basically continued to get sick in the usual regime and it was considered normal.

But especially the difference became noticeable when, after these 4 years, our child in general has ceased to hurt and has not been sick for as long as 3 years! We do not consider our experiment to be complete, it continues. We will continue to observe the child in the dynamics of development. But even the result that has been achieved so far is very eloquent and revealing. We do not believe that by our actions we have protected the health of the child. In our opinion, we removed only the main factors of negative impact on the immunity and the body of the child, but even this gave such convincing results!

We believe that the main damage to immunity is caused by vaccinations from the earliest childhood after the completion of the vaccination calendar. Later in life, this depressed level of immunity is only “supported” by such things as revaccinations, Mantoux tests, antibiotics, antipyretic, ionizing exposures, stresses, etc., preventing the body from recovering it.

Because of the imposed misconceptions about health and the prevention of diseases, it is very difficult for parents to wrest a child from this vicious circle. But is the health and success of the child in the future – not a good reason to understand and change something? After all, neurotoxins reduce the potential of the brain, and it may happen that the child in the future will never be able to reach the level of development that was possible initially.

It is in the hands of parents that the key to the well-being of their own children is found, and I wish all parents to use it for good.

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