Dry hair care

You have dry scalp, dry hair, and dandruff. Dandruff is diffuse, fine – i.e. scattered over the head. Visually, this dandruff is not very noticeable, but its disadvantage is that when you walk, the hair flutters and dandruff falls on clothes and is very clearly visible on dark clothes. Such hair needs protection.

It protects the hair from water pressure on the hair walls from the inside. During shampooing, water penetrates into the inner layers of the hair and expands the hair walls. As a result, the hair is not combed, swells, rolls down.

How to care for dry hair at home

There are two ways to take care of dry hair at home BEFORE and AFTER washing your hair, so you enjoy beautiful and healthy hair .

First method of hair care

On dry, dirty hair, before shampooing, a mask or balm is applied. We apply them with our hands, trying not to get on the scalp, because the scalp has not yet been washed. If the hair is long, then the mask is applied to the most damaged areas, mainly the ends of the hair.

If the hair is of medium length, it can be applied to the entire length of the hair. We rub the mask into the hair from top to bottom, in the direction of the scales, as if smoothing the hair.

The mask must be kept on the hair from five minutes to half an hour, and after washing, the hair will not swell so much. If you wrap your head in foil or polyethylene with a preliminary mask applied, the effect will double under the influence of heat.

Dry hair is recommended to be washed at a water temperature of 45-50 degrees Celsius. First, wash off the previously applied balm or mask, then take a special shampoo for dry hair and scalp and apply it to wet hair.

During the initial washing process, scalp massage is not done so that dirt, dust and styling products do not get on the scalp. During the second shampoo shampoo lathers much better, and its consumption is reduced.

The second way of hair care

When the mask is applied after shampooing. We washed our hair and now we proceed directly to the hair treatment. It is necessary to pay attention to the mask used, it should be written on the packaging that this mask is specifically for dry hair and scalp.

If you have dandruff, you need to find out what the nature of this dandruff is. Maybe it is internal changes in the body and dandruff manifests itself in the off-season (autumn, spring), when diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are exacerbated. Or is it dandruff, specifically, dry scalp, when the scales of the skin die, dry up and lay on top of each other.

In most cases, dandruff disappears on its own with the constant use of a mask and shampoo for dry scalp, if this does not happen, then you should consult a doctor. Maybe you have internal ailments.

The mask can be applied with a flat brush or with your fingers. This mask is applied to the hair and scalp in general. Distribute the mask evenly over the entire length of the hair. It is necessary to adhere to the exposure time, which should be indicated on the mask packaging.

When the right time has been held, the mask is washed off. It is best to comb your hair in a dry or semi-dry state so as not to damage the hair structure.

Beautiful hair to you!

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