Lose weight by the New Year

The New Year is approaching and you were horrified to find that your favorite blouse barely fits? A slender and toned body is every woman’s dream, and with the modern ideals of beauty, extra pounds become especially burdensome.

A strict diet, this is when you eat less than 1200 kcal / day, will help you lose weight quickly, but there is a high probability that the pounds lost with difficulty will return again. Express diets are the worst enemies of our skin, which in “extreme” conditions quickly loses its elasticity.

You need to lose weight gradually, giving the body the opportunity to naturally reorganize to a new daily routine and adapt to a new diet. This will avoid the “pendulum” effect and the dropped kilograms will not return in double volume. Long-term diets keep the skin firm and elastic and avoid stretch marks.

We bring to your attention a diet that will help you to lose up to 4 kilograms of excess weight in a month without much effort and without harm to health. To do this, you need to adhere to the following rules:

Distribute your food energy evenly throughout the day. Ideal for 5 small meals. Thus, the body does not accumulate excess fat and does not create a glucose deficiency, which is most often the reason for sudden bouts of hunger, and the desire to have a snack between meals.

Eat slowly. Thorough chewing and unhurried absorption of food on the one hand facilitates the digestion process, on the other hand, it quickly leads to a feeling of fullness, even when absorbing a small amount of food.

Reduce salt intake and increase the amount of water you drink (2 liters per day). This facilitates the work of the kidneys (it is through them that toxins are removed from the body) and avoids the accumulation of excess fluid, and, accordingly, the appearance of puffiness.

Prepare meals that require minimal cooking. Long-term cooking destroys antioxidants, which are indispensable for maintaining skin elasticity, which is especially important when losing weight.

In the next material, which we have already prepared, we will tell you in detail about the diet, write out all the necessary recipes , and this will definitely help you lose weight by the New Year.

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