Tremor of the child’s hands

This ailment in a child up to a year can be caused by partial unformed centers of nerve endings, responsible for the actions of the body. Concentration in the blood of norepinephrine increases with the emotional reactions of the baby, which leads to the strain of muscle fibers and the nervous vibration of various parts of the muscles. The reasons for the disruption of the development of the centers of nerve endings are often: the transferred infectious diseases of a woman, weak labor activity, stressful situations or frequent negative emotions during pregnancy, the threat of miscarriage, fetal hypoxia, umbilical cord entrapment, prematurity, swift birth, placental abruption, birth trauma.

In some cases, there may also be a pathological or physiological tremor in the hands of a child older than a year. Physiological trembling is most often noted when agitation of crumbs, strong emotions, nervousness or fright. Episodes of physiological trembling, as a rule, always have a connection with the nervous overstrain of the baby and are short-term in nature. The pathological form of jitter is accompanied by various pathologies of the nervous system.

Episodes of hand tremor in children can be observed when trying to implement the usual movements that are not connected with nervous tension, and at rest. In addition to twitching in the muscles, there may be manifestations and other pathologies of the functioning of the nervous system: sleep disorders, headaches, excessive irritability.

Immaturity of the nervous system is the cause of the physiological tremor in childhood. Often, after its full formation, episodes of “shaking” disappear without negative consequences. Pathological tremor in children can cause various malfunctions in the functioning of body systems, for example, during pregnancy severe fetal hypoxia, infectious ailments of the mother, pregnancy pathologies, sepsis, thyroid dysfunction, renal and hepatic pathology, birth trauma, genetic predisposition, degenerative pathologies of the nervous system.

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